Payroll Accountant CV Example


Applying for a payroll accountant position requires familiarity with accounting, knowledge of payroll practices, and many other qualifications you surely possess. It may also require a CV that details these qualifications and your prior work history. Luckily, writing a curriculum vitae can be simple even if you have never written one before. Consulting an example is always a great place to start, and our payroll accountant CV example illustrates exactly what you should include in your CV. Review it, along with the tips we have included, to get some inspiration that will be the boost you need to write your own CV.

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Felicia Hathaway

239 London Pkwy.,Brusselsprouts, WA 11111

T: 555-435-7234 E:

Professional Summary

Professional payroll accountant with over 10 years of experience in the field. Skilled in payroll processing, problem-solving, and auditing in work environments serving as few as 20 employees or as many as 150+. Highly skilled in all aspects of accounting, including data interpretation, compliance assurance, and ledger balancing. Proficient in all major accounting software platforms and quick learner in adapting to new applications. Ability to work effectively in either a team or individual setting.

  • -Ability to self-direct or receive directives -Excellent at multi-tasking and being organized -Proficient in all major accounting applications -Excellent written and spoken communications kills -Familiar with relevant laws and regulations
Work Experience
Payroll Specialist
May 2012-Present

  • Maintain all records of fixed assets and monitor ledgers to ensure the completeness and accuracy of such records.
  • Manage deposits, withdrawals, and balances for all company bank accounts to ensure that all funds are accounted for.
  • Identify items of concern and propose solutions to combat any discrepancies that may be present.

Certified Public Accountant
July 2008-May 2012

  • Prepared weekly, monthly, and quarterly statements detailing the financial transactions and status of the company.

  • Monitored tax liabilities and diligently identified means to minimize expenses relating to taxes for company and employee funds.

  • Completed all tax returns for the company and for the employees of the company, and answered any questions that personnel had.

Accounting Assistant
February 2005-July 2008

  • Partnered with senior accounting staff to conduct daily accounting activities and maintained smooth operation of the department.
  • Fielded questions from internal and external persons regarding paychecks, taxes, invoices, and other aspects of the company’s finances.
  • Handled all paycheck distribution and managed direct deposit for employees throughout the company.

Certified Public Accountant

Master of Business Administration in Accounting

Graduate University of Business in Toronto
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not at work, I most enjoy exercising my artistic abilities and partaking in painting, crafting, and drawing. These activities allow me to express my creative side, and I often make art depicting beautiful scenery or local attractions that I want to recreate. I hope to continue honing my artistic skills, and to this end, I often take classes whenever I am able. In addition to my creative pursuits, I volunteer at the local nursing home and host art classes for the senior residents to enjoy. This gives me the opportunity to share my love of creativity while also giving back to my community.

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Payroll Accountant CV Must-Haves

What Does a Payroll Accountant Do?

A payroll accountant, as the name suggests, is primarily responsible for fulfilling the duties associated with payroll. These tasks vary, but they typically include overseeing paycheck disbursement, auditing company ledgers as necessary, developing solutions to any discrepancies, and preparing tax returns to be filed. These tasks are part of the day to day you can expect as a payroll accountant, but they certainly are not all that you will do. You may also oversee the accounting or payroll departments and take responsibility for ensuring that the company is in compliance with all local, federal, and internal standards dictating how finances, payroll, and accounting should be handled. Creating a great CV with help from our payroll accountant CV example will help you show off all of these skills and more.

Tips for Creating a Great Payroll Accountant CV

Creating a great CV is easy when you follow the formula contained in the CV example above. If you are looking for additional inspiration to help you get started on your CV, consider the following tips and tricks for an even more effective CV:

– Do create a portrait of yourself as a professional through illustrative language, specific examples, and clear phrasing.
– Don’t include information or examples that are out of date and no longer relevant to the position you are seeking.
– Do maintain a simple and straightforward approach to presenting your qualifications and prior work history.
– Don’t adhere to recommendations so strictly that your CV loses a sense of your personality or begins to sound generic and formulaic.