Caregiver Resume Sample


Caregiver Resume Sample

Caregivers are selfless people who have gotten training to bring betterment to the lives of those in need and the less fortunate. Caregivers take the reins when it comes to looking after seniors, the sickly and ill, the physically and mentally disabled, and children. This may be done at a care facility, hospitals, in home, or other care situation. Caregivers may administer medications or help patients perform daily tasks. A caregiver resume has to concisely illustrate a candidate’s specialized field and show how their experiences prove they excel in that field.


Caregivers deal with all types of clients in as many situations. They could be looking after a group of children with special needs or providing companionship for disabled senior citizens. The caregiver resume will show what a candidate has done to perfect their skills. Many caregivers have a degree in some behavioral or nursing science. They will have a basic understanding of medicine, and procedures like CPR. Caregivers will be screened carefully as the integrity of their backgrounds is a critical component of their viability. No one wants to attach their loved ones’ care to a sketchy past. And no care facility wants to be liable for bringing disreputable characters to their environment. Caregivers need to be honest and of high morals. The caregiver resume has to show responsibility in a candidate’s work history, including any training that applies to the position. Where applicable, there should be study and hands-on experience in child behavior, cognitive behavior, Alzheimer’s, cancer care, or autism. Your credentials in these areas will put your caregiver resume at the top of a hiring manager’s list.


Pinpointing caregiver salaries isn’t easy as they vary based on experience, services provided, certifications, location, and training. A senior caregiver could work in the home or a community. Many care jobs are sourced through companies with their own pay scale. According to a recent survey by Caregiverlist, the hourly pay rates in 2013 were between 10 dollars an hour and 140 dollars a day.

Sample Caregiver Resume

Below is an excellent sample caregiver resume. Used as a resource, it has all the features a hiring manager will need to assess a candidate’s value. Adapt it to create a caregiver resume that shows you’re the right and only candidate.

Caregiver Resume

1. How do you highlight soft skills on a caregiver resume?

It takes someone who is caring and compassionate as well as knowledgeable and professional to be a successful caregiver. Because of this, it is crucial to list soft skills and personality traits in addition to your abilities with equipment or certifications. To best showcase your soft skills, follow the example of our caregiver resume sample and mention one or two soft skills in your summary section, qualifications and highlights section, and your experience section. In today’s job market, it is usually better to use a personal summary rather than an objective statement when you’re looking to point out your experience and value.

2. Should you include references on a caregiver resume?

There are no references listed on our resume sample, and typically, they are not necessary on yours. In the event you finish writing your resume and have enough extra space at the bottom, you can give a few references if you have some who are eager to talk about your excellent bedside manner or the outstanding way you interact with children.

3. How should you structure your caregiver resume?

As with most resumes, follow the header with your personal summary and then a highlights or skills section. Structuring your resume this way ensures that if those two sections are all a hiring manager has time to read, you can still get your most impressive and convincing points across. The writer of our caregiver resume sample has devoted most of the space to the experience section, which is a good strategy since your experience can play an enormous part in demonstrating your value as an employee in this industry. If you are having difficulty deciding which structure is best for you, create a customized, professional document with our resume builder.

4. How do you list certifications on your caregiver resume?

Unlike some positions that don’t place as much importance on your education or certifications, there are some states and agencies that require applicant certification in at least CPR and First Aid before considering them for a position. Because of this, feel free to list those two certifications in your summary statement and highlights section like the writer of our resume sample. If those are your only two certifications, it is unnecessary to create a separate section for them. When you have earned at least three certifications, you can add a certification section after your education section and list them there.

5. How do you write the header of a caregiver resume?

Feature your name prominently at the top of your resume so a hiring manager shuffling through a stack of documents can find yours easily. While in some cases it is not necessary to list your address, you might want to consider adding it as shown on our caregiver resume sample. Because a caregiver might need to make house calls or rotate to different locations, where you live could impact which positions are best for you. Provide a phone number as well as an email address that is professional and not juvenile or humorous

Don’t fear the cover letter. Our Caregiver cover letter samples take the sting out of writing a compelling document to accompany your Caregiver resume.

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Resume Text

Brooke Webb

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Experienced Caregiver with CPR and First Aid certifications. Organized and collaborative team player strong clinical and interpersonal skills. Proficient in caring for geriatric patients to improve overall health and wellbeing.


Appointment management
Medication administration
Grooming and bathing assistance
Life skills training

Problem solver
Friendly and courteous
Dependable and punctual
CPR certification
First Aid training


January 2012 to Current
Great Western Home Healthcare New Cityland, CA

Manage patient schedules and ensure all doctor’s appointments are kept.
Perform light housekeeping duties and meal preparation.
Administer medications following doctor’s instructions.
Help patients complete prescribed therapy and exercise routines.
Remove safety hazards and report issues to management and/or family.

February 2009 to December 2011
Philadelphia Home Care Services Philadelphia, PA

Cared for up to five different clients on a rotating schedule.
Groomed and bathed patients, and prepared meals.
Laid out medication and instructions to ensure proper dosages.
Kept client cares neat, clean, and free of safety hazards.
Documented patients behaviors and reported abnormalities or new symptoms to supervisor.

June 2007 to January 2009
Mrs. Margaret Michaels Albany, NY

Assisted client with daily living activities and personal grooming.
Cleaned house and managed incoming mail and bill payments.
Drove client to all appointments, picked up groceries, and collected medications.


2016 Eastern California University New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Science Nursing

Martha Johnson Scholarship Recipient
3.94 GPA