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Crew Member Resume Sample

Job Description & Responsibilities

A crew member resume needs to demonstrate that a candidate’s courteous, attentive, flexible, and, most of all, customer focused. While crew members can be designated specific duties, the general idea is that they should be ready to go where they’re needed and when. They interact with customers. They maintain the store’s appearance. They work the cash register. They mop floors and wipe down tables. They work the grill and take out the garbage. They work the drive-thru. They are expected to take note of the details and react accordingly. A crew member should be prepared for a busy shift and the crew member resume should show they understand that. It should highlight how a candidate can bag and deliver meals. That they’ work closely with the manager to ensure health regulations and safety polices are always adhered to. The resume should demonstrate that a multitude of tasks will be performed to support the operation through self-initiative and pride in work. Most importantly, the crew member resume must indicate that the candidate can work with a team that ensures every customer leaves satisfied. Education & Training Most crew members are provided with training by their employer. So in terms of formal education, there are really no requirements but a high school education helps. A lot of these positions are part time, so if a candidate is still in school, they can find hours that work with their schedule. Hiring managers will also be impressed with a commitment to education. They see it as a long term goal and long term goals gets high marks. A candidate should have strong communication skill for interaction with customers, management, and other team members. They should have a friendly and even demeanor for dealing with situations that may become stressful. They need to be ready to be on their feet for long periods of time. They should always keep a clean and professional appearance.


A crew member can expect to make at least minimum wage. There are options that pay more but they may ask for specific qualifications, such as experience in the industry. Sample Crew Member Resume Below is a sample of a crew member resume. It can detail experience or take into account lack of work experience, highlighting instead academic and personal achievement. It’’s a great start for reaching hiring managers and getting the job.

Crew Member Resume Sample

Recipe for the Perfect Crew Member Resume

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Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Recipe Yield: 1 Perfect Crew Member Resume

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  • 1 Contact Information Section
  • 1 Crew Member Summary Section
  • 8-10 Restaurant Highlight Skills
  • 2-4 Crew Member Work Experience Sections
  • 1-3 Education Sections


  1. Include the Crew Member experience, skills and education the employer requires, but present that information in a concise and easy to read fashion.
  2. A Crew Member resume summary should be concise and to the point. Try to define your Restaurant skills and accomplishments in an action oriented description with quantifiable results. And do it in three sentences or less.
  3. List your previous Restaurant jobs with the most recent first. Each job is its own sub-heading, comprised of company name/location, period of employment, and job title.
  4. It’s how you list your Crew Member accomplishments beneath the job that counts. By creating 3-6 bullet points that begin with action verbs and, if possible, end with quantifiable results, you’ll catch the eye of a potential Restaurant employer and allow them to see you in action and as a part of their organization.
  5. As you list your education, put the highest level attained first. The only information the potential employer needs at this point is the school attended, school location, and degree obtained.
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