Resume Templates: Junior Sous Chef


Junior sous chefs have an incredible job that is vital to the success of any kitchen. They get to plan and direct food preparation, assist kitchen staff, and even assist with meal preparation for large parties. If you’ve been looking for a position as a junior sous chef, an outstanding resume can help you find a position you’ll excel in.

When you’re working on your resume, make sure you note your experience in food preparation. If you’ve planned large parties, including banquets, potential employers want to know. Be as specific as possible. If you planned a wedding banquet for 250 people, it’s important to showcase this on your resume. As a junior sous chef, you may also find that you’re responsible for managing inventory and ordering supplies, so being detail-oriented is a huge plus, and it would be beneficial to mention this in your resume.

Are you ready to take your resume to the next level? Check out our junior sous chef resume templates to guide you as you craft your own.

Resume Templates: Junior Sous Chef

Junior Sous Chef Resume Questions

1. How do you make a junior sous chef resume with no experience?

Just because you have no experience doesn’t mean you don’t have skills to brag about. Spotlight the skills you learned in school; the great thing about culinary school is that it’s very hands-on. You spend more time in the kitchen than you do with textbooks, so by the time you’ve graduated, you likely have great practice under your belt.

Showcase your academic achievements in place of work achievements, and use your summary ““ like the one in our junior sous chef resume sample ““ as a place to brag about what capabilities you’ve gained. Be bold when discussing your strengths, and show how eager you are to learn.

2. How do you format a junior sous chef resume?

Formatting should stay simple, but you can afford a little flourish in your field. Elegant resume styles often work best for culinary resumes, keeping your information neatly organized while still adding a touch of flair with subtle, stylized accents. The point, though, is to keep your format as clean and neatly organized as possible, with consistent headers and simple, easy-to-read fonts. Need help? Try our resume builder to create a personalized resume format.

3. How do you write an objective statement for a junior sous chef resume?

For a junior role, you’ll want to make use of an objective statement, where in other positions you would replace it with a professional summary. Objective statements are out of fashion because employers want to know what you can do, not what you desire. For an entry-level position, though, it’s safe to start by saying you’re looking for a role that lets you leverage your skills as a sous chef to grow into a position of expertise.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t describe your qualifications. Reference our junior sous chef resume sample for an example of how to expand on the first sentence of your objective statement with a couple more sentences discussing why you’d make a good hire.

4. How do you list schools on a junior sous chef resume?

Culinary schools can carry a great deal of respect, and if you’ve graduated from a prestigious institution, that’s your first selling point to get your foot in the door. Although your schools mostly belong in your education section, listed with your degrees and certifications, you can also make mention of them in your summary. Just say that you’re a graduate of [School] as a substitute for your years of experience, if you’re entry level.

5. How do you describe achievements on your junior sous chef resume?

Achievements can be difficult to tackle. If you have past experience, mix your achievements into your work history as bullet points that begin with powerful action verbs and describe the quantifiable results you achieved. If you have no experience, try breaking down your academic achievements in the same way. List them as selling points that convey the value you’re capable of bringing. If you’re not sure how to write achievement bullets, view the examples in our junior sous chef resume sample.

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Resume Text

Kathryn Sanchez 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234



Motivated Junior Sous Chef with both culinary and management background. Experienced in preparing a broad range of cuisine types, from traditional family-style dining to modern culinary creations. Specialize in large-scale kitchen operations requiring strong communications skills and quick reaction time.


  • Degrees in both culinary arts and management
  • Plans and directs food preparation
  • Supervises kitchen staff
  • Strong expediting skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality control

Work Experience

January 2013 to March 2015 New Cityland Culinary Creations-New Cityland, CA Junior Sous Chef
  • Assisted Executive Chef in meal planning.
  • Responsible for meal prep for 250-seat dining room.
  • Organized kitchen staff of up to 35 associates.
  • Expedited service by facilitating communication between kitchen and waitstaff.
  • Inventoried and ordered foodstuffs.
  • Supervised total restaurant operations as directed by Head Sous Chef or Executive Chef.
November 2010 to January 2013 El Mirage Cafe-New Cityland CA Junior Sous Chef
  • Assisted with meal planning.
  • Supervised meal preparation for up to 1oo dining guests.
  • Monitored kitchen inventory.
July 2008 to November 2010 Nana’s Family Table-New Cityland, CA Junior Sous Chef
  • Responsible for lunch and dinner meal preparation.
  • Organized kitchen staff of up to seven associates.
  • Executed menu selections with high degree of quality control.


2008 New Cityland Culinary Institute, New Cityland, CA Bachelor of Professional Studies, Culinary Arts 2006 University of California, New Cityland, CA Bachelor of Science, Management