entry level healthcare administrator resume template

Entry-Level Healthcare Administrator Resume Questions

1. How do you make an entry-level healthcare administrator resume with no experience?

Even if you’re just starting your career with your first entry-level job, you can still craft an unforgettable resume guaranteed to impress employers. Your best bet is to focus on what makes you exceptional by calling out academic accomplishments, community involvement, and any special honors you’ve attained.

Use the example of our entry-level healthcare administrator resume sample to work out the basics of a great opening summary, as well. Use your opening summary to wow prospective employers with strong statements of your work ethic and personal qualifications to prove the value in giving you a shot.

2. How should you structure your entry-level healthcare administrator resume?

For your resume structure, you’ll rely on a bullet-based format that covers five key components. Those components are your header, professional summary, skills, work experience, and education. Ensure your format is consistent with neat, clearly delineated headers and the same style of bullets throughout your document. Ensure your resume fonts match and you haven’t used a different style in a different section of the document. For resume structuring help with no writing needed, give our resume builder a shot.

3. What technical skills should you put on a an entry-level healthcare administrator resume?

Technical skills are often extremely important in healthcare administration. Focus on skills such as electronic medical records (EMR) and healthcare information systems. If you know proprietary or highly specialized software, even better. Particularly for entry-level roles, these kinds of specialized skills can be valuable selling points. If you don’t want to include an extra technical skills section, you can include your software and systems specialties in your keyword skills section like the one in our entry-level healthcare administrator resume sample.

4. Should you include references on an entry-level healthcare administrator resume?

For entry-level positions, it’s highly unlikely employers will ask for references –  so this may be a moot point. Professional references may be hard to come by, but you may still have academic or personal references. If you feel those references can make a strong case for you, it’s all right to include them as long as you have room in a one-page resume.

If employers do explicitly ask for references, trim what you need to and make room to include at least three. Try to rely on academic references over personal references; if you have any professional connections despite no work experience, those can also be valuable.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in an entry-level healthcare administrator resume?

For an entry-level role, you may only have one job. That doesn’t mean you should try to pad that one job with an overwhelming number of bullets. As our resume examples and professional resume templates demonstrate, the ideal number of bullets for each job should be no more than six to eight.

You can use even fewer if you’re listing unrelated experience, such as after-school jobs or part-time work; you only need a few bullets to cover anything relevant and transferable. For an idea of what to include in your work history bullets, take a look at our entry-level healthcare administrator resume sample.

Resume Text

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code | 000-000-0000 : (H) | email@email.com

Executive Profile
Recent Masters of Healthcare Administration graduate with a passion for developing compassionate and caring long-term assisted living facilities. Offer an entrepreneurial attitude with proven abilities in strategic business planning, financial management, marketing, and operational management. Diverse background in banking, ministry, and team leadership with the ability to motivate teams and lead by example to implement a strong sense of mission and purpose that aligns with corporate values. Skilled in identifying and capturing new clients through targeted marketing and negotiation skills. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to quickly build relationships and form trust with people from various backgrounds.

Areas of Expertise
Healthcare Administration: Recent graduate with a Masters in Healthcare Administration with a focus on integrating holistic practices in healthcare business plans. Proficient in program administration including budget, marketing, sales, and strategic planning. Community Building: Skilled at developing community cohesion. Spiritual leader with a history of providing counseling and ministry to diverse populations. Highly experienced in assisting with bereavement and grief associated with death and dying. Leadership: A proven leader of both paid staff and volunteers in sales, financial, and church settings through driving collaboration, enthusiasm, and accountability. Spearheaded and developed two spiritual congregations including building projects. Business and Financial Planning: Offer strong business and financial acumen with experience leading start-ups, small business development, and corporate leadership. Skilled in all areas of business development including strategic planning, budgeting, goal setting, scheduling, and execution. Quality Management: Highly analytical with strong attention to detail to ensure a high level of employee performance and superior quality of services for clients. Customer Service and Communication: Provide clear and concise services, advice, and consulting to customers with a friendly and empathetic attitude and strong interpersonal and relationship building skills. Technology: Proficient with computers and software, able to implement EMR/EHR systems and train staff on usage.

Utica College 2014 Masters of Science: Healthcare Administration – Long Term Care Utica, NY Coursework including: Nursing Home Administration, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Economics, Budgeting, Leadership, Healthcare Information Systems, and HR. Thesis: “Rationale for Addressing the Spiritual Needs of the Elderly and Adapting a Framework for Integrating Spiritual Care into a Nursing Home.” Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary M.Div: Theology City, State Lenoir-Rhyne University Double Major, BA: Philosophy and Religion Hickory, NC 1991