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Care Provider Cover Letter Example + Tips

Any time you need to apply for a job, you need to submit a resume. Some applications will ask for a cover letter as well, but even if it is not asked for directly, it is still a good idea to send one in. It could give you the edge you need to land a coveted interview. Consult with the free care provider cover letter sample below, and make sure you also read through the bonus tips afterward.

Dear Ms. Mailer,

My mission has always been to make a difference in the lives of others. I hope to accomplish that by being offered the position of care provider at Eastern Homecare Services.

In addition to doing all the services required of the position, I plan on going above and beyond what is asked of me by providing a warm, compassionate environment for my patients. I have worked as a care provider for three years now. For my clients, I do more than just cook meals. I also offer emotional support, which entails listening to concerns and offering advice when appropriate.

As noted in the job posing, enthusiasm also plays a critical role in this line of work. It is amazing how something as simple as offering to play a board game with one of the residents can do so much. When residents see providers enjoying their jobs and displaying passion for their work, it is amazing how attitudes can change.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my application. If you would like for me to discuss my qualifications further, I would be more than delighted to schedule a time to meet.

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What to Include in a Care Provider Cover Letter

Above all else, you never want your cover letter to reiterate the exact same information as your resume. You can make your document stand out from others by researching information related to your field and sprinkling those details into the letter. Avoid negative statements about past employers, vague sentences, and going over one page in length. As you can see from this free care provider cover letter sample, it is actually addressed to a person instead of simply “Dear Sir or Madam.” Ultimately, cut to the chase and leave out any superfluous information.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Never put skills in your cover letter that you do not already possess. However, if you do have the following skills, then it could be highly beneficial to add them to the material already given in the free care provider cover letter sample provided.

● Interpersonal skills: You will need to get along with the people you look after and their family members.
● Communication: Conveying information in a clear manner is vital.
● Patience: Difficult situations can present themselves in this line of work. You should be able to diffuse these instances calmly.
● Decision-making: In the event an emergency arises, you need to be capable of making a decision under duress.


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