There are many steps involved in finding the right job. One of the most important ones is creating an effective curriculum vitae. A CV highlights the work experience, skills, and personal summary that you want to show off to a hiring manager or recruiter. Because hiring managers usually read a lot of CVs at a time, you need to make sure yours stands out from the start. Instead of stressing out about what to include and how your CV should look, use the following payroll manager CV example as a guideline when you create your own.


Peter Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional payroll manager with over 10 years of experience. Committed to accurate disbursements and resolving any issues. Dedicated, detail-oriented, and motivated. Efficient supervisor with commitment to training new employees and implementing procedures for quality assurance.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Proficient in payroll software applications such as PayFocus, APS, Paycor, and QuickBooks
  • Excellent ability to lead payroll staff and other employees, and coordinate administration duties
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Strong decision making skills and able to choose the best option after weighing the strengths and weaknesses of numerous solutions
Work Experience
Payroll Manager
May 2013 – Present


  • Determine annual bonuses and overtime pay to include in payroll disbursements.
  • Assess payroll systems and make recommendations for more efficient systems.
  • Create reports for tracking disbursement and other errors, and develop methods for resolving them.
  • Coordinate with the human resources department and accounting managers to develop new payroll procedures and policies.
  • Oversee office staff of five, supervise daily activities, and resolve employee conflicts.

Payroll Manager
January 2009 – May 2013


  • Processed payroll disbursements on a weekly basis for over 700 employees, and resolved any payment issues.
  • Tracked seasonal employees and independent contractors, and made sure they received accurate and timely payments for work completed.
  • Managed a payroll department of six employees and delegated tasks and duties.
  • Completed year-end operations, such as annual reconciliations, W-2s, 1099s, and submitted wage data to appropriate departments.
  • Trained new staff and consistently updated training curriculum in order to keep up with changes in processes and the company.

Payroll Manager Assistant
December 2006 – January 2009


  • Reviewed payroll disbursements and ensured that payments for part-time and full-time staff were accurate.
  • Performed banking functions such as direct deposit, bank record verification, and stop payments.
  • Confirmed that county, state, federal, 401(K), health insurance, and other deductions were processed and administered properly.
  • Worked with immediate supervisor to resolve payroll issues and make appropriate corrections.
  • Prepared reports for meetings and reviews by the executive staff.


Bachelor of Arts in Accounting


University of Minnesota
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering with companies that help kids and adults learn how to manage money, and I occasionally give free seminars in the community. I keep in shape by taking spinning classes, running, swimming, and lifting weights. I also enjoy taking my three dogs to the park.



Payroll Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Payroll Manager Do?

Payroll managers may work in companies of all sizes, and they are in charge of all tasks related to payroll. This includes determining initial pay rate, increasing payments, filling out paperwork to determine proper deductions, ensuring payment disbursements are correct, fixing disbursement errors, setting up direct deposits, writing checks for independent contractors, and filling out annual forms for tax purposes. The job entails a lot of paperwork and coordination with the company’s human resources department. Key skills necessary to be successful include attention to detail, ability to make quick and smart decisions, leadership, and communication. It is important that your CV demonstrates your proficiency in these areas so that you stand out above other applicants. This payroll manager CV example gives you a good idea of what to include so that you can create an effective CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Payroll Manager CV

As you write your payroll manager CV using our CV maker, keep these tips and guidelines in mind:

  • Make sure to include skills such as leadership, communication, and detail-oriented in the skills section.
  • Highlight key information in the professional summary statement. Because most hiring managers have multiple CVs to get through, this is sometimes the only section they read before moving on to the next one.
  • When filling out the work experience section, try to use metrics to demonstrate your accomplishments. This may include the number of staff you managed, the number of employees on the payroll, how you improved efficiency, and how you cut down on disbursement errors.
  • Don’t include religious or political views. While the hobbies and interests section allows you to add some personal details, do your best to keep them positive and somewhat related to the job you are applying to.
  • Always proofread your CV. Even a CV with excellent content can get pushed aside if there are grammatical and spelling errors.

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