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Nicole Mercury

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated and energetic bakery assistant with a passion for flavor and a love for creating. Professional and dependable with more than 10 years of experience working at a bakery. Excellent instincts when working in the kitchen and making delicious baked goods. Steady hand and a flair for artistry when decorating cakes and cupcakes for parties and weddings. Incredible ability to multitask and take on different responsibilities to help make a fast-paced bakery increase its production.

  • Highly capable of using kitchen equipment in the industrial or retail bakery setting, such as commercial mixers, ovens, chef’s knives, molds, and spatulas.
  • Talented cake decorator with an ability to do fancy lettering, flowers, buttercream decor, and fondant design.
  • Excellent at managing several tasks at once, such as baking four or five cakes at the same time in different ovens.
  • Committed to proper sanitation techniques when working in the kitchen to avoid unsafe working environments or food products.
  • Proud to support a team in a kitchen or bakery environment and help out on other related tasks as needed.
Work Experience
Bakery Assistant
November 2015 – present


  • Mix ingredients together using store recipes for baked goods in the bakery department of a major grocery store chain.
  • Monitor ovens, ingredients, and temperature gauges to determine doneness of each cake, pie, or batch of cookies.
  • Achieve the weekly production number goal for the bakery by focusing on each individual task and not making mistakes leading to food waste.



Bakery Assistant
August 2008 – November 2015


  • Developed a reputation in the bakery for beautiful cake design, and received regular custom cake requests from customers for parties or weddings.
  • Prepared breads and muffins for a busy bakery by mixing ingredients, kneading dough, setting up to rise, and baking according to the recipe.
  • Maintained a clean workspace by wiping up spills, sweeping up dry ingredients, and sanitizing all surfaces regularly.



Bakery Assistant
March 2007 – August 2008


  • Changed the store’s cake and cupcake recipes to allow for less product spoilage during the day, leading to a 35 percent lower food waste cost over time.
  • Restocked dry ingredients supply when needed, such as parcels of flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and mixes.
  • Decorated cakes and cupcakes using buttercream frosting and fondant icing for customized designs from the client.
Coursework in Culinary Arts


Niagara County Community College
City, State
High School Diploma


McArthur High School
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

My biggest hobby is volunteering with the colonial heritage society in New York City. I am their resident historical baker. I conduct research on old styles of cooking from the 18th century and recreate recipes with today’s ingredients. Sometimes, we host tasting events and invite the community to see how the colonists ate long ago.





Bakery Assistant Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Bakery Assistant Do?

With the bakery assistant CV example in your hands, you can get a detailed account of some of the most common job duties in this field. A bakery assistant works with bakers and other kitchen prep workers to assist with making cakes, breads, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods. They use commercial baking equipment to create sweet treats and bread items. Bakery assistants follow recipes and measure ingredients to prepare tasty baked goods for their companies. They also may bake many different types of items at the same time in a number of ovens, so they must time things properly so nothing gets burned. After goods are done baking, bakery assistants use cake decorating techniques to create unique designs for cakes and cupcakes.

Tips for Creating a Great Bakery Assistant CV

A CV that impresses a hiring manager can help you get closer to a job interview and eventually a job offer. Here are some ways that our CV maker can help you attract more recruiters:


  • Spend time working on the basic outline of your CV to include common sections such as a professional summary, work history, education section, skills list, and a place to list hobbies.
  • Keep your details consistent by going in reverse chronological order when listing your jobs, starting with the most recent one and working backwards.
  • Describe your experience with baking equipment and commercial cooking machinery to show your preparation for the job.
  • Talk about your talent for cake design and intricate icing work, and give examples of your ability to create a great product.
  • Highlight your ability to commit to many different tasks at once and your skill at avoiding waste due to baking errors.

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