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Featured resume example: administrative assistant

Admin Assistant Remarkable Chrono Featured


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000
E-Mail: email@email.com


Efficient, accuracy-driven Administrative Assistant successful at delivering key clerical support to internal teams, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Demonstrated success in analytical problem solving and boosting operational efficiency. Bringing 8 years of superior performance in related roles.


Administrative Assistant / Company Name, City, State / 11.2016 – Current
  • Supported efficient meetings by organizing spaces and materials, documenting discussions and distributing meeting notes for over a company with over 500 staff members.
  • Interacted with over 12 vendors, contractors and professional services personnel to receive orders, direct activities and communicate instructions.
  • Composed internal memos and external correspondence for three senior management professionals and reviewed all documentation to eliminate errors.
Administrative Assistant / Company Name, City, State / 04.2013 – 10.2016
  • Organized weekly staff meetings and logged minutes for corporate records.
  • Coordinated domestic and international travel arrangements, including booking airfare, hotel and ground transportation for an office with 50 staff members.
  • Coordinated bookkeeping activities in QuickBooks and Lawson, including invoicing and accounts payable.
Receptionist / Company Name, City, State / 07.2012 – 03.2013
  • Provided clerical support to 25 company employees by copying, faxing and filing documents.
  • Sorted and distributed mail correspondence between departments and personnel, including parcel packaging, preparation and efficient shipping.
  • Oversaw monthly inventory activities, including materials monitoring, ordering or requisition and supply stocking or re-stocking.


  • Writing reports
  • Meeting minutes
  • Meeting arrangements
  • Travel coordination
  • Accounting familiarity
  • Documentation and control
  • Spreadsheet management
  • MS Suite


Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration, City, State

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class administrative assistant resume

  1. Summary Include the most relevant administrative skills and experience you have acquired. Customize each of these skills to the functions of the role you are applying for. For example: “Accomplished administrative assistant strong communications skills, strategic planning abilities and extensive knowledge of office procedures.” Explain how your past experiences make you an ideal candidate for this position.
  2. Skills Administrative assistants require multiple skills to be successful in their roles. Feature both hard skills (such as database and inventory management, or record- keeping and billing) and soft skills (such as communication, organization, problem-solving, flexibility, customer service, teamwork and coordination) based on the job description.
  3. Work history Your work experience as an administrative assistant should focus your best professional accomplishments and contributions (e.g., “Negotiated a new deal with the supplier for office supplies, saving $3,500 a year” or “Received commendation from executive management for creating a newsletter that led to reduction of back-and-forth interdepartmental emails by 22%”).
  4. Education A GED or high school diploma is usually required for administrative assistants. You can gain an advantage by gaining administrative certifications such as a CAP (granted by the IAAP). Additional training in general office procedures, spreadsheets, payroll, and basic accounting software should also be noted here.

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Do’s and don’ts for your resume

  • Do feature soft skills We often forget to lay emphasis on the soft skills like communication, problem-solving prowess, and teamwork ability. Recruiters look for these intangible assets in candidates, so include them in your skills section, and mention them in conjunction with your work accomplishments (e.g., “exceptional customer service in fast-paced environments”).
  • Do quantify your accomplishments Numbers stick in people’s minds. Quantify your achievements with numbers or percentages that show how you’ve made a positive impact. Instead of saying that you “possess great organizational and coordination abilities,” write, “Organized an interdepartmental training program for junior staff that led to faster processing of customer complaints, resulting in 32% increase in customer satisfaction.” If you do not have an exact number, you can also use a range (e.g. 30-35%).
  • Do proofread your resume One typo or grammatical error can land your resume in the recruiter’s recycle bin. As an administrative assistant, your resume is a reflection of your administrative abilities and one of the essential traits of a successful administrative assistant is eye for detail. So, scan your resume thoroughly and proofread it, double-checking for any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Don’t lie Administrative assistants are required to be trustworthy personnel who are responsible for important documents and tasks. This trait must be reflected in your resume. Don’t include anything in your resume that is not 100% true. The risk of falsifying facts far outweighs the benefits, especially when it comes to titles, credentials and experience.
  • Don’t neglect keywords Most resumes nowadays are scanned by applicant tracking systems (ATS), which necessitates using appropriate keywords in your resume. Scan through the job description, choose relevant terms or phrases, and strategically place them in your resume. This will increase the chances of your resume making it to the hiring manager’s desk.
  • Don’t use flowery language or flashy designs Though it might be essential to use keywords and industry-specific jargon, using convoluted vocabulary and flowery language to make your qualifications sound better or to fill up space will do more harm than good. Use clear, concise language to convey to your skills and achievements. Also, refrain from using flashy designs or colors in your resume, unless you’re applying for a position in a particularly creative industry. A straightforward layout places the focus of your resume on where it belongs: its content.

Administrative assistant resume FAQ

1. What skills should you emphasize for this specific job?

Administrative assistants are the backbone of any business, so emphasize tasks that are the foundation of business operations: maintaining contact lists, communicating on behalf of superiors, organizing meetings and appointments, and other important clerical duties. Some other essential skills that an administrative assistant should possess are:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to function independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Adept in technology and office software
  • Strategic planning
  • Resourcefulness

2.What are some examples of training and certifications that fit this specific resume?

Courses that provide training in areas relevant to administrative professionals include:

  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Project management
  • Certification in specific office software (e.g., Microsoft Office Suite)

Some educational courses that are perfect for administrative assistants are:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Basic Office Skills Certificate
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Fundamental Payroll Certification
  • Certified Administrative Professional
  • Office Administration Diploma
  • Certified Assistant in Project Management

Other useful online courses include:

  • Assistant Essentials
  • Career Development for Assistants
  • Key Strength and Characteristics for Assistants
  • Project Management Basics
  • Business Strategy

3. How should you format your resume?

As an administrative assistant, your resume should communicate your skills and accomplishments to hiring managers. If you have a few years of experience in administration already, follow the combination format, which stresses both your work accomplishments and skills. Applicants with less work experience but who have strong and relevant administrative skills can go for the functional format, where more emphasis is placed on skills and relevant educational qualifications rather than experience.

4. How should you craft your resume if you’re looking to take the next step forward in your career?

To move forward in the administration domain, build your resume to by focusing on the following activities and skills:

  • Proficiency at planning, delegation, and execution by being proactive at delegating tasks, and ensuring that task execution is in-sync with existing policies.
  • Experience in efficiently maintaining employee and customer records.
  • Excellence at interdepartmental communications (e.g., answering and routing calls) and performing essential office tasks, like responding to mail.