Restaurant Server Resume Sample


Server Resume Sample

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Food Server?

Servers work directly with restaurant customers to deliver drinks and food. This could include anything from fast food restaurants, to high-end steak houses. Therefore, servers have a variety of skills and work conditions depending on the place of employment. Serving can be a full-time or part-time job. Additionally, servers work with customers all day long. Therefore, employers prefer servers who have strong communication skills and enjoy working with people. These traits would be beneficial to include on your server resume.

Education & Training

There is technically no education needed for a serving job. However, many restaurants prefer to hire someone with serving experience, so it is beneficial to include this experience on your server resume. Additionally, training is required of servers. This training is done during the first few weeks on the job. Other requirements may be enforced depending on the restaurant and state. For example, many states require the server to be at least 18 years of age if alcohol will be served. Check with the specific restaurant to see what the requirements are for the job you are interested in.

Getting a Server Job

Servers make, on average, $8.81 an hour–including tips. This comes out to about $18,330 a year for a full time server. With so many restaurants available, there are many serving jobs opening up each day. So, start putting your server cover letter today so that you can land one of those jobs! You can even look over our sample server resume below. This will help you get the job by putting together a resume that is professional and impressive.

Server Resume Questions

1. What skills do you need to be a server?

In the restaurant industry, many employers are happy to teach servers technical skills, such as those needed to run specific billing or ordering software. However, restaurant managers like to see evidence of soft skills, such as excellent customer service and attention to detail. Like the server resume sample does, you can accentuate your skills by including the ones listed in employers’ job ads and using honest examples, such as how you helped a customer solve a problem.

2. How long should a server resume be?

You may notice that the server resume sample is just one page long, the ideal length for a server resume. Even experienced servers find that smart formatting and savvy editing can help them fit their necessary experience onto just one page, keeping font to at least 10-pt and the formatting consistent. Keeping your resume short and sweet can help retain the hiring manager’s attention. If you must cut something from your resume that you want the employer to know, you can work it into your cover letter.

3. How do you make a server resume for a first job?

The restaurant industry provides many people with their first jobs, so a resume with little or no work experience will probably not surprise a hiring manager. You can illuminate skills from volunteer or school work and mention a willingness to learn. Have you been a part of a club where you learned customer service skills, taken a class where you learned communication or cooking skills, or proven your skill set in other ways? Be sure to add these to your professional summary, skills section, and/or education section, using the server resume sample as you go.

4. How many skills should you put on a server resume?

There’s no single way to write the perfect server resume. You can use the server resume sample as a guide, but it’s important to tailor your resume to each job advertisement. For example, if an ad lists “great team player” as a requirement, you should list that as a soft skill on your resume if it’s a quality you have. The ideal number of skills on your resume includes everything you need to show that you meet or exceed the minimum requirements. However, listing these skills should not make your resume go over one page. You can combine bullet points, make columns, or selectively edit as needed.

5. What does a good server resume look like?

As you can see in the server resume sample, an engaging resume for servers is easy to read and well organized and points out necessary skills. When a restaurant manager receives a large stack of resumes, he or she may be thankful that yours makes it easy to see why you would be a great fit, earning you a spot in the “interview” pile.

The summary toward the top of the resume helps quickly establish who you are and what would make you a great addition to the manager’s team. It gives the employer an easy way to identify your background. The following skills section includes the best parts of your resume, which helps a manager quickly see if you meet the minimum qualifications. The experience section is maximized to let your previous work shine. If you need help, use the step-by-step resume builder.

If you’re feeling savvy about Server resume writing, then check out our strong Server cover letter sample to complete your application materials.

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Resume Text

Victoria Reed

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Experienced Server bringing enthusiasm, dedication and an exceptional work ethic. Trained in customer service with knowledge of French cuisine. High energy and outgoing with a dedication to positive guest relations. High volume dining, customer service, and cash handling background.


Works well under pressure
Exceptional interpersonal skills
Trained in liquor, wine, and food service
Master of sales techniques
Food ingredients expert

Point of Sale (POS) system operation
California Food Handlers card
Food safety understanding
Upbeat, friendly, and positive
Highly responsible and reliable


January 2011 to Current
Châteaux Le Marc New Cityland, CA
Head Waiter

Train new waiters and floor staff on guest service expectations, safety procedures, proper food handling, and restaurant protocols.
Monitor dining room to ensure optimal guest experiences.
Work with individual servers to improve performance.
Answer customer inquiries and resolve issues promptly.
Schedule wait and floor staff, approve time off, and rework loads as needed.

February 2008 to December 2010
Grand-Père New Cityland, CA

Delivered exceptional, friendly, and fast service.
Answered questions about menu selections and made recommendations when requested.
Accurately recorded orders and partnered with team members to serve food and beverages that exceeded guests’ expectations.
Skillfully anticipated and addressed guests’ service needs.
Managed closing duties, including restocking items and reconciliation of the cash drawer.

April 2006 to January 2008
Regis on the Balcony New Cityland, CA

Assisted guests with making menu choices in an informative and helpful fashion.
Appropriately suggested additional items to customers to increase restaurant sales.
Effectively communicated with kitchen staff regarding customer allergies, dietary needs, and other special requests.
Regularly checked on guests to ensure satisfaction with each food course and beverages.
Consistently adhered to quality expectations and standards.
Routinely cleaned table linens, table settings, glassware, windowsills, carpets, counters, floors, storage areas, and service refrigerators.



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