Dishwasher Resume Sample


Dishwasher Resume Sample

Dishwashing is a great entry-level position with a lot of potential opportunities for learning valuable job skills. It can also serve as an excellent way of obtaining better jobs at better pay. So don’t look down on a position as a dishwasher, it can indeed provide a solid foundation for advancing your working career.


A dishwasher typically works in a restaurant or any place where food is served. The job entails cleaning dishes, silverware, glasses, plus the pots, pans and other cooking utensils used in preparing food. Therefore, you would want to include on your dishwasher resume any experiences you’ve had involving cleaning.

Most dish washing these days is done with the help of an easy to operate machine, so any experience you’ve had handling simple machinery should also be included on your dishwashing resume. Dishwashers often help with other restaurant duties as needed, such as gathering dirty dishes, helping with cleaning or other small chores.


What makes being a dishwasher such a great entry-level job is that not a lot of experience or training is generally required. You usually don’t have to have any more than a high school education, and even that can we waived, especially if you are still a student in high school.

It does involve physical labor, so you should be in good health with average strength. Include on your dishwasher resume any sports you participate in as a good indicator of your physical ability. Training is usually done on the job.


Dishwasher jobs are generally at or within a dollar above minimum wage, although jobs at especially busy restaurants may pay extra. Paid vacations and flexible hours are common benefits, but health care and retirement plans are not. It is uncommon to make much more than $20,000 per year as a dishwasher. However, if you show ability, it is common to move on to better jobs by using your dishwashing experience.

Be sure to refer to our basic resume samples for guidance on how to best present whatever skills you have attained.

Dishwasher Resume Questions

1. What does a good dishwasher resume look like?

One of the biggest factors that separate the strong resumes from the weak ones is formatting. It turns out that there is a standard resume format that you should always closely follow. The dishwasher resume sample demonstrates this layout. Using our customized resume builder is another great way to be certain that you meet formatting expectations.

Begin your resume with a summary section that outlines your qualifications. Then include a short bulleted list of your skills. Move onto the work experience section, which should be the longest and densest part. Close your resume with a brief section describing your education.

2. How do you write an objective statement for a dishwasher resume?

In most cases, your resume should begin with a summary paragraph, but those applying for their first job or switching careers can opt to write an objective statement instead. The difference is that the objective statement describes the applicant’s goals.

The key to success with this section is to keep the information relevant to the employer. Rather than describing personal goals that only relate to you, mention how long you intend to work, whether you are seeking advancement, what aspects of the position you are most interested in, and other details that affect the employer.

3. How do you write the experience section of your dishwasher resume?

The experience section is the most important part of your resume. This means it should be the longest and include the strongest information. The formatting of your experience section is also important, so follow the dishwasher resume sample closely.

List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Describe your daily responsibilities in the form of a bullet list under each position. Make sure every bullet point begins with a strong action verb. Additionally, all the information should be in past tense, except for the description of your current job.

4. How do you optimize your dishwasher resume for an ATS?

An ATS, which stands for Applicant Tracking System, filters out the resumes that do not meet the employer’s needs. This means there is a chance of rejection before a human even reads your application.

To avoid an ATS passing over your resume, focus on using the same language as the job description. This ensures your document includes the keywords that each individual employer looks for. Following our dishwasher resume sample is another great way to improve your chances of reaching the hiring manager’s desk.

5. How do you make a dishwasher resume with no experience?

No type of resume may be more challenging to write than one for your first job. This is because most resumes extensively focus on previous working experience. If you do not have this experience, then it is more difficult to fill your document out. In lieu of your limited career history, it is best to focus on your education or skills sections.

Are you ready to create your own Dishwasher resume? Check out our Dishwasher cover letter samples to complete your application documents.

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Resume Text

Fae Davis

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Efficient Dishwasher with 10-year background in specialty entertainment venues. Skilled at working quickly and maintaining high standards of cleanliness and service. Friendly, hardworking team player with a focus on completing tasks safely.


Neat, clean, and professional appearance
Reliable team worker
Basic math ability
Comfortable standing for long time periods
Excellent multi-tasker

Attention to detail
Good communication skills
Follows directions
Training and mentoring
Equipment operation


July 2009 to Current
Griman Dinner Theatre New Cityland, CA

Prepare used dishes and place into dish washing equipment.
Hand-wash VIP table and glassware.
Check washed dishes for total cleanliness and rewash if needed.
Move dried dishes and flatware to storage locations and stack securely.
Clean and maintain cook wear and utensils.
Assist with kitchen preparations as needed.

August 2006 to June 2009
Samola Cruise Lines New Cityland, CA

Moved used dishes through industrial dish washing equipment efficiently.
Inspected washed dishes and placed clean ones in storage for next use.
Stocked kitchen and dining area supplies.
Emptied trash cans and moved garbage to waste collection.
Swept and scrubbed kitchen floors before shift change.
Deep-cleaned kitchen equipment, sinks, and garbage cans when needed.

February 2004 to July 2006
Butter and Brine Seafood New Cityland, CA

Unloaded supply truck and stored inventory on shelving or in refrigerator and freezer.
Packaged individual place settings and utensils before close of business.
Filled and refilled server supply stations throughout shifts.
Maintained work area in a clean and organized fashion.
Helped kitchen staff with food preparation, stocking, cleaning, and serving duties.
Scrubbed floors and equipment to safety standards.