Admin Executive CV Example


You have the experience and the talent to be an admin executive, but it is up to you to write a CV that shows it. In the competitive job application process, a CV that does not stand out and convey executive professionalism often gets set aside.

That is why it is important to look at an admin executive CV example to get an idea of the correct format and tone for a professional CV. The example will also show you the type of content that is in this type of CV. The example and associated tips will give you a head start on crafting a winning CV.

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Emily Walters

43 Elmwood Street, Eau Claire, WI 11111

E: ewalters@anymail P: 555-423-9876

Professional Summary

Articulate and accomplished admin executive experienced at keeping an office running smoothly. A communicator and collaborator who is efficient in planning, organizing, and executing meetings and conferences. Comfortable with projects that require multi-tasking and flexible with changing priorities.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A self-directed worker with superior time management skills.
  • Fully discreet and confidential in all office matters.
  • Certified in various Microsoft software applications.
  • Comfortable with cloud integration of computer files.
  • Experienced multitasker who can prioritize daily workloads.
  • Savvy manager of a smooth office workflow.
Work Experience
Admin Executive
2015 – Present

  • Prepare reports for a wide variety of company departments, such as accounting and human resources, using the entire Microsoft suite of software.
  • Manage office operations and delegate tasks to administrative assistants.
  • Initiate a new filing system on the cloud to gain optimal accessibility of information.
  • Update office policies regarding business software and its use.
  • Organize group meetings and seminars at the headquarters location.
  • Write social media posts daily on behalf of the company for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Write all routine executive office correspondence.
  • Maintain files and contact lists on all executive mobile devices.

Administrative Assistant
2014 – 2015

  • Organized on-site meeting arrangements and schedules.

  • Initiated a travel expense filing system with Excel spreadsheets.

  • Made travel arrangements for executives and updated them based on changing schedules.

  • Kept online filing systems updated as needed.

Administrative Assistant Associate
2013 – 2014

  • Answered incoming calls and properly routed them according to office procedure.
  • Made copies and transferred files to thumb drives as requested.
  • Updated office supply ordering to optimize the supply budget.


Associate of Applied Science in Executive Assistant

Eau Claire Technical College
Eau Claire Wisconsin
Microsoft Certifications: Excell

2015 Office, 2014 PowerPoint
Hobbies and Interests

I am a runner and am currently training to run in my fifth marathon. I volunteer with the local youth sports league as a track and field coach for the elementary level school children. When I am not working or running, I enjoy cooking.

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Admin Executive CV Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for an admin executive CV?

Objective statements these days are usually superseded by professional summaries. The former is useful for jobseekers new to the market or those who have been absent for a while. Otherwise, go with a summary.

This statement provides the reader with a snapshot of your best qualities. When it’s written well, it gives a hiring manager compelling reasons to call you for an interview. In this section, you state your job title and years of experience. From there, cite two or three relevant skills and a major career accomplishment. Keep it short and sweet. The typical statement only requires three sentences. If you need inspiration on how to write yours, take a look at our admin executive CV sample.

2. What can you do to make your admin executive CV stand out?

Recruiters spend only six seconds reviewing CVs before rejecting or accepting an application. The key to bypassing a rejection is to make it easy for them to find the information they need. This is where your subheadings come into play.

Use a large, bold font that’s easy to read. You can’t go wrong with Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Center the text on the page and use descriptive titles. For example, you can devote a section to your computer knowledge and name it “Computer Skills” or “Software Skills” If you’re looking for ways to outshine your competitors, try our resume builder. It can help you create the perfect document that gets you noticed.

3. How do you format an admin executive CV?

The curriculum vitae spotlights your career achievements. What you include or omit depends on your career field. In most instances, jobseekers incorporate standard segments in their documents. The admin executive CV sample shows these basic components. These include the header, skills, work experience, education, and hobbies and interest sections. Depending on a candidate’s profession, the CV can include other additions, such as books published, awards, and professional membership sections.

4. How do you write the header of an admin executive CV?

The header contains personal details hiring managers need. To get called for an interview, you need this information on your CV. Place your name on the first line. Make it the largest font on your document, and bold the text so it stands out even more. Then list your full street address followed by an email address. After that, add your phone number.

5. How should you present software knowledge on an admin executive CV?

Administrative executives depend on their computer skills to keep offices running smoothly. Additionally, employers expect candidates to have a working knowledge of relevant software applications.

In your CV, you can reference your skill set in the personal statement, skills, work history, and education sections. State the names of the programs you use along with your level of expertise. For example, you could write “Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite” Make it a point to illustrate how you use these applications during your day-to-day tasks. To learn more about spotlighting your software experience, review our admin executive CV sample.

Admin Executive CV Must-Haves

What Does an Admin Executive Do?

An admin executive provides high-level support for more complex secretarial and office management tasks. Emphasis is placed on organization and timeliness of assigned work. Assisting a member of upper management, an admin executive serves as a communicator and the individual who creates schedules. As the liaison between the executive and associates or clients, the admin executive routes correspondence, schedules meetings, and vets telephone calls.

As a support person, an admin executive is involved in the production of emails, reports, and presentations. Recordkeeping is another responsibility of the admin executive, keeping a daily record of events, taking meeting notes, and filing information in an organized system. Software and computer system knowledge needs to be kept up to date to stay competitive at this job, as you can see exemplified in the admin executive CV example. To best showcase the variety of skills you have as an admin executive, look at the admin executive job example to see how it is organized.

Tips for Creating a Great Admin Executive CV

Engage the reader of your admin executive CV with impeccable formatting and organization. Here are some other tips that can help your CV rise to the top of the stack:

– Make sure to include all computer software you have worked with either in the skills or work experience section. Include how you used the software in addition to the software’s name.
– Attitude is everything when it comes to being a cooperative and flexible admin executive. Be sure to convey your willingness to assist with active helping verbs and accommodating adjectives.
– Is your CV in the correct format with correct spelling and grammar? Is it all in the same font and spaced correctly? If your CV does not show perfect document composition skills, it does not make a good impression on your ability to do the admin executive job.
– Show some initiative in your CV by including instances where you went above and beyond to save time or money.
– Make sure to list your managerial skills that will keep an office humming.