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Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: May 12, 2022
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There’s no secret code for creating an effective medical office administrative assistant resume. The key is to keep it simple and to the point.

Employers want to see that you are both qualified and organized, so be sure to emphasize your strongest points at the top of the page in an easy-to-read resume format. Focus on your computer skills, and try to incorporate a few of the same terms used in the job listing. Follow up your highlights with work experience and education.

When possible, use numbers to describe your professional achievements, but try to keep the entire document under one page. For more ways to write a successful resume, check out our medical office administrative assistant resume example.

medical office assistant resume template


Medical Office Assistant Resume Questions

1. How do you write a medical office administrative assistant resume?

Begin by writing your full name and contact information at the top of the document. Then add the following sections: professional summary, highlights, work experience, and education. Start each section with a bold header, followed by a bulleted list. The exception to this is the professional summary, which you may write in paragraph format.

Put your work experience in reverse chronological order, with your current job first. Under each position, list a few of the responsibilities and successes you had at that job. Your education section also goes in reverse chronological order. Study our medical office administrative assistant resume sample for a good example. Consider using one of our resume templates to ensure all of the important sections are included.

2. How do you list schools in a medical office administrative assistant resume?

To list your schools, put down the name of the degree, the name and location of the school that awarded it, and the year. If you graduated more than five years ago, you can leave the year off. Do not include your GPA, but do add any honors such as cum laude. List certifications and relevant courses here as well. If you have not completed your degree yet, write it down and indicate the anticipated graduation date.

3. How do you describe computer skills on your medical office administrative assistant resume?

Computer skills are an important part of your job, so place them front and center. You can list them in the highlight section as bullet points, such as “Proficient in Encoder Pro.” You may also describe them in your work experience section. For example, “Maintained patient database with in-house software program” shows potential employers that not only are you tech savvy, you can apply your knowledge to your job. Check out our medical office administrative assistant resume examples for more ideas.

4. What can you do to make your medical office administrative assistant resume stand out?

Hiring managers like resumes they can read quickly. If you want your resume to stand out, keep it simple and clean. Use bold titles to delineate sections and limit the document to one page. Focus on your most important and applicable responsibilities and achievements and make sure the information is relevant. If you’d like to use a bit of color to set you apart from the crowd, that is fine as long as it’s tasteful and used in moderation.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a medical office administrative assistant resume?

Generally, four to eight bullet points for each job are sufficient. If you are listing only two previous positions, you can aim for the higher number. If you are including three previous jobs, then you probably need to have only four to five bullet points for a one-page resume. Use short, pithy statements with strong verbs to describe your responsibilities. Don’t forget to include numbers when you can, such as, “converted 500 files to computerized system.” For additional help, see our medical office administrative assistant resume sample, or try our resume builder for a customized document.

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Resume Text

Susan Novak 123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code Cell: )555) 987-1234 Summary Experienced Medical Office Administrative Assistant capable of managing patient files, greeting patients as they arrive for appointments, collecting patient information, and managing multiple calendars and scheduling appointments. With medical coding training and experience, can review and verify correct coding for insurance purposes. Highlights

  • Accurate appointment scheduling
  • Medical billing and coding
  • Positive and helpful direct-patient interaction
  • Answer phones and direct to appropriate personnel
  • Maintain accurate and current patient files
  • Handle office correspondence

Work Experience July 2010 to April 2015 Company Name “” City, State Medical Office Administrative Assistant

  • Assisted with records dictation and transcription.
  • Prepared examination rooms between appointments.
  • Ordered lab tests for physicians as requested.
  • Organized and assimilated paper and digital files for easy access.

May 2006 to June 2010 Company Name “” City, State Medical Office Administrative Assistant

  • Maintained medical records for residents including disclosures and directives.
  • Insured proper billing procedures were followed for Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance providers.
  • Directed visitors to appropriate patient rooms.
  • Occasionally provided facility tours to potential clients and their families.

June 2003 to April 2006 Company Name “” City, State Medical Office Administrative Assistant

  • Collected and recorded insurance information for patient files and included that information in the system for easy access.
  • Collected co-payments from patients for time-of-service.
  • Maintained patient medical history forms and disclosures.

Education 2003 Company Name, City, State Certified Medical Assistant