In our rapidly changing society, the ability to speak multiple languages is increasingly in demand. While the ability to translate one language into another is rare, it’s still no guarantee you’ll get an interview, let alone hired. An expertly-crafted resume gives you the best possible chance of grabbing the attention of a hiring manager, potentially leading to an interview. Hiring managers only look at resumes briefly, so any time invested making yours stand out is well worth it.

Receptionists may run into Applicant Tracking Systems that scan resumes even more quickly than a manager. To pass one of these systems, be sure to include industry keywords and streamline your resume with clear formatting.

Writing a resume is an important task, but please don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve simplified the process with our bilingual receptionist resume templates–take a look!

bilingual receptionist resume template


Bilingual Receptionist Resume Questions

1. How long should a bilingual receptionist resume be?

You probably have a lot of information you want to convey in your document. In general, you want your resume to be about one page long, as is the case with our bilingual receptionist resume sample. Some jobseekers can have a resume two pages in length, but only if they have sufficient work experience to warrant such length. The last thing you want is for the hiring manager to become bored while reading your application. Ultimately, you want to leave the hiring manager wanting more rather than providing too much.

2. What technical skills should you put on a bilingual receptionist resume?

In addition to state your bilingual capabilities, you should also list software you know how to use. Receptionists should ideally already be familiar with accounting, scheduling, document management, spreadsheet, and time accounting software. When discussing your prowess with technology, name specific software when you can. Instead of saying you know how to use accounting software, you want to mention how you used Intuit QuickBooks in the past.

It is also helpful if you can list office equipment, such as scanners, photocopiers, personal computers, fax machines, and postage machines, that you know how to use. Create the perfect personalized application with our resume builder.

3. How should you structure your bilingual receptionist resume?

Follow the lead of our bilingual receptionist resume sample that begins with the applicant’s name and contact information. You then want to pull the hiring manager in by having a solid summary statement that contains your most important information. Include a list of skills relevant to the job you want to obtain, and share your work history. End your resume by showing off your education.

4. How do you make a bilingual receptionist resume for a first job?

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and you can certainly write a stellar resume even if you lack professional work experience. You can list your experiences with different volunteer organizations or student clubs you were in during high school. Your application should play up your main selling points, which may be soft and hard skills as opposed to actual experience in the workforce.

Another way to show off your professionalism despite a lack of experience is to make sure your application is free of typos and grammatical mistakes. You should also avoid mentioning references directly in this document.

5. How many skills should you put on a bilingual receptionist resume?

The general rule is to include between five and 10 skills on a resume within the qualifications section. As a receptionist, one of the most valuable job skills is to be bilingual. Our bilingual receptionist resume sample mentions this skill, and you can take your application to the next level by specifically mentioning the languages you know how to speak. If the languages you know line up with what the employer needs, then you make yourself stand out tremendously as an applicant.

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Resume Text

Alicia Miller

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Friendly Bilingual Receptionist who can provide valuable customer service and promptly complete secretarial duties. Skilled at greeting customers and providing assistance bilingually, handling scheduling and appointments, and managing communication. Specialize in document organization, management, and filing.


  • Scheduling
  • Communications
  • Bilingual
  • Document organization
  • Record processing
  • Data entry
  • Detail focused

Work Experience

August 2009 to December 2014 Company Name — City, State Bilingual Receptionist

  • Prepared correspondence for salespeople, coordinated with product providers to determine shipping and billing information
  • Managed office stock and inventory, ordered new implements when necessary
  • Monitored PO box for incoming shipments, processed shipments, organized product and shipping documentation
  • Handled scheduling duties for management and salespeople

October 2009 to July 2009 Company Name — City, State Bilingual Receptionist

  • Processed and organized company documents including order and status reports, billing and financial information
  • Managed and monitored status of internal database, inputted data into database and relayed necessary information interdepartmentally
  • Handled office communications and correspondence, coordinated scheduling and appointments with management

May 2000 to September 2009 Company Name — City, State Bilingual Receptionist

  • Managed and monitored scheduling including customer appointments, legal duties and responsibilities, conferences, and more
  • Handled office communications including email correspondence, answering phones and
  • Greeted customers, provided customer service and responded to queries bilingually 


1999 Company Name, City, State