5 Common Account Manager Interview Questions & Answers

While creating a strong resume and cover letter earn you an interview and create your first impression with employers, the interview is where you earn the job and really make the sale. It is vital to being successfully hired because it is the step where you confirm all the information you included on your resume and create an organic relationship that is impossible through text alone.

There are many general interview questions that are very commonly asked. If you want to improve your chances of being hired, you should be familiar with these questions and know what the interviewer is really asking. Additionally, there are account manager interview questions that are specific to this position. These are some of the most important questions you will be asked, so if you review them and prepare strong answers, you will really impress the interviewer. Take the time to study these common accounting interview questions and think about how you would answer them so you can make the most of your interview.

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5 Account Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. As an account manager, you will be the first line of communication with our clients, representing the company when you interact with them. What professional experience do you have that has developed your communication skills?

All my previous jobs have directly dealt with interpersonal communication and service. I originally worked in customer service, where I had customer interactions virtually unceasingly each day. Afterward, I began work in sales, where, again, customer interaction was at the core of the position. Needless to say, I have hundreds of hours of experience in communication, and I feel confident that I have developed the skills necessary to adequately fulfill the responsibilities of the account manager position.

2. You must have knowledge and a firm understanding of business and marketing to be an account manager. Are you qualified in this area?

Absolutely. In addition to my experience in sales, where I learned about marketing and business firsthand, I have also earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Media Studies. I have been studying this field closely and feel I am ready to continue developing the skills and knowledge related to business through the account manager position.

3. It is vital that you are able to remain organized when dealing with multiple client account at the same time. How do you organize your work?

During my time in sales, I created a spreadsheet to keep the different accounts I managed straight. The information I had to manage then was not exactly the same as it will be for this position, but I think a similar strategy will be just as successful. Actually I lent my spreadsheet template to a few coworkers to help them with the organization of their work as well. I've always prioritized organization, even outside the job, so I am confident that this is not going to be any issue for me in the account manager position whatsoever.

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4. While it is not the focus of your job, having skill with making sales will be very beneficial. What experience in sales do you have?

I worked as a part of the sales team in my previous job from 2007 to present. This means I have nearly a decade of experience working with the craft of making sales. In 2010 I was promoted to head of sales, where I was a department leader, so I oversaw even more accounts and indirectly managed the sales of all of them. At this point I have become a master in sales and am ready to apply the skills I have developed while growing in a new field.

5. Do you have long-term career goals in the accounting field?

I do. While I am not entirely certain of the exact position I am seeking, I do know that accounting is the direction I want to be moving. I feel that my long experience has been leading toward this position. I anticipate being dedicated to this position for years, while seeking opportunities for advancement. Because I was part of the leadership and managerial team in my previous position, I certainly believe I would be able to advance to that level and possibly further up. It is hard to say what the future holds, but I hope to be with this company for a long time.

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