5 Common Administrative Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

You've spent the time to construct an elegant and persuasive cover letter and honing your resume. Now it's time to prepare for the personal interview. Many hiring managers place a great deal of weight on the face-to-face interview. It's the chance to assess your personality and hear firsthand about the details of your education and work experience. A successful personal interview can lead to further interviews, or even a job offer.

To some extent, many interviewers rely on a standard set of interview questions. These are usually generic and open-ended, and you can find many resources to help you practice your answers to these common questions. Additionally, it's important to prepare for some industry-specific questions so you are ready with a poignant answer at your interview. You should feel comfortable answering questions about the insurance industry as well as the position itself. Here are several common administrative assistant interview questions and sample answers so you can feel confident about your face-to-face meeting.

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5 Administrative Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

1. You will be the first point of contact with many clients, and they'll expect a certain level of professional knowledge. How much do you know about the company and the insurance industry?

I've read through the company details on the job description and also visited the website to get a good feel for your company history and current practices. I'm also dedicated to keeping up with inter-office news and announcements. Additionally, I've taken some courses relating to the insurance industry. I'm also a fast learner and plan to research more about the industry and the company once I've started on the job.

2. You may be working with claimants who are upset or frustrated as well as adjusters and managers within the company. How do you perform in a fast-paced and potentially stressful environment?

I know how important it is to be calm even when other people are not. In my previous job, part of my work required managing multiple phone calls with customers and handling them in an efficient and professional manner. I feel I can provide a good balance of listening and speaking calmly and clearly. Additionally, I know a large part of my role is providing support for the adjusters or other employees to whose team I belong. I would ask them what type of support they need from me and adjust my work to meet those requirements.

3. What kind of organizational skills do you feel you can contribute on the job to help your fellow employees?

Organization is one of my strongest assets. I have worked as an assistant or organizer in several previous circumstances, both in my career and as a volunteer in local organizations. I'm familiar with the most popular online scheduling and organizational software, as well as common methods of keeping a personal calendar. I've also used both physical filing archives for important documents and electronic filing systems. I completed a continuing education course on scheduling and organization as well. Clear and efficient organization procedures are important to me, so I'm looking forward to learning more about other people's organizational style and sharing my own.

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4. As an administrative assistant, you will be responsible for helping several team members, including scheduling meetings and travel and helping plan office activities. What experience do you have in multitasking that is relevant to this position?

I've had professional and educational experience planning and scheduling activities. As part of the student board at my university, I was responsible for planning several large annual events. Additionally, in my previous office I was in charge of making all travel arrangements for every member of the executive board. I'm familiar with using computer scheduling programs and coordinating conference calls. No matter how many tasks I have before me, I always make sure I prioritize in order that I know how much time to spend on each and the overall amount of attention each requires.

5. Do you plan to stay in the insurance industry, or do you have other long-term career goals?

I'd like to use my time as an administrative assistant to learn more about the other available insurance positions. I'm eager to find out more about the field and what different career paths are available. I'd like to continue my education through night classes at a university or professional continuing education programs.

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