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5 Common Attorney Consultant Template Interview Questions & Answers

After you have crafted your resume and cover letter, you need to move on to interview preparation. The first face-to-face meeting with a potential employer is of vital importance if you really want to land a job. You need to answer the questions with confidence and eloquence if you want to impress the hiring manager. Without the right preparation, you may find yourself struggling to answer the simplest of questions well.

What can you do to get ready for the first meeting? You need to review commonly asked questions and their answers. Looking at generic questions can prepare you for the usual "tell me about yourself" or "why do you want to work here" queries, but it might not give you the edge you need to set yourself apart from your peers. Consider reviewing specific attorney consultant template interview questions so you can give industry-related answers and really wow the hiring manager.

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5 Attorney Consultant Template Interview Questions & Answers

Why do you think you are suited for a career in the legal industry?

I think I am suited for a career in the legal industry because of the interests and skills I have. I have always enjoyed doing research in order to develop sound arguments that can help people out of potentially sticky situations. I am able to analyze situations, solve problems and make informed decisions. I also have a strong ability to communicate both verbally and through the written word, which I think also makes me suited for this type of career.

What do you think you will do in this position?

As an attorney consultant, I think I will be expected to help small businesses through the legal hoops needed to start their companies. I may have to give entrepreneurs advice about legal mishaps or the like. I know I will end up working with a number of businesses for a number of different reasons, and that's one of the characteristics of this job that excites me. I spent almost a decade as a corporate lawyer, but I'm ready to help small businesses succeed now.

Why are you interested in becoming an attorney consultant?

I became a lawyer because I wanted to be able to positively impact the lives of those around me. During my tenure at my last law firm, I began to realize I wasn't making the changes I really wanted to be making. By changing my career slightly and joining the ranks of attorney consultants, I think I will be able to really make an impact on the small-business community. Many of these entrepreneurs do not have the budget to hire a lawyer, so a consultant is the person they turn to. I want small-business owners to look to me for the answers to their legal problems.

What do you do to stay up to date?

I attend seminars and workshops offered by my alma mater, the state bar association and the local bar association. I am also a subscriber to a few law journals, which I find really help me stay current on the latest news in the industry. As someone who works with a lot of businesses, I also think it is important for me to stay up to speed on small business needs and technologies. Because of this unique need, I attend conferences on this subject as well.

How will you be able to help us develop our business?

You are looking for a legal consultant who will be able to help you expand your business into a global market. You need someone with the legal expertise that I have. I am very familiar with the import and export regulations set up by this government and by foreign governments as well. I will be able to help you follow the legal codes as you work on this exciting time of expansion. Not only will I be able to help you jump through the correct legal hoops, but I will also be able to help you ensure you are not stepping on anyone's trademark. During the time you and I are working together, I can also do some research to make sure no one misuses your trademark and patents.

Reviewing these and other specific attorney consultant template interview questions can help you knock your answers out of the park and really impress the hiring manager.

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