5 Common Charge Nurse Labor and Delivery Interview Questions & Answers

You have finished writing an outstanding resume and putting together an eye-catching cover letter. Your hard work has paid off, and now you have gotten the call to come in for a face-to-face interview. This is an important step. It allows you to show who you are and bring all that information from your resume and cover letter to life. You get to connect with the interviewer and sell yourself as the best person for this position. It is likely to be your last chance to really fight for this job and impress the interviewer.

The biggest part of the interview is how well you answer the questions you are asked. You have to answer them confidently, providing clear and concise answers that are thought out yet not rambling. It is very important that your show you are able to handle the pressure and maintain a calm attitude even though the process is a little nerve-wracking. To help you prepare, you should go over sample charge nurse labor and delivery interview questions. The following are great example questions with answers that give you a good idea of how you should respond during your own interview.

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5 Charge Nurse Labor and Delivery Interview Questions & Answers

1. How do you keep your skills and education current?

I attend continuing education classes, conferences and other events that help me to stay on top of new trends and keep my skills fresh. I also always try to get out on the floor a few times a week to work directly with patients.

2. What are some specific things you do to ensure a high level of patient care?

When I am on the floor, I like to observe my nurses to make sure everyone is following protocol. I will talk with patients and do some assessments. If I see a nurse struggling, I will offer her some help and get her further training if needed. I take all complaints from patients and staff seriously, checking into each one to resolve the issue.

3. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult employee and how you handled it.

In my first position as a charge nurse, I had an employee whose attendance was horrible. Our attendance policy was rather lenient because we had a hard time finding qualified nurses. However, this employee rarely made it into work and when she called off, it was usually less than an hour before her scheduled shift, which made it hard to find a replacement. I ended up going to the board and presenting a set attendance policy. Once the policy was in place, the employee actually straightened up and became one of my most valued employees.

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4. How do you address mistakes made in patient care?

Obviously mistakes are something I take seriously. We are in an industry where a mistake could have serious consequences. If a nurse makes a mistake, I immediately bring it to her attention and find out why the mistake was made. In the past I have sent nurses for more training and even changed schedules so nurses had more time off. In my previous positions, I have also compiled a list of common mistakes for every nurse in my charge to review periodically, which has really helped to prevent these things from happening.

5. How do you encourage teamwork in your employees?

Teamwork is essential in health care, so I let everyone know from the start that we are a team. I use a lot of general methods to help us think like a team. For example, every day we have a theme for our scrubs, so we all are wearing similar things. We also hold parties for special occasions. By far, though, the best thing I have found to encourage teamwork is to hold everyone accountable for everything that happens on their shift. If one person messes up, we all work to fix it and make sure it never happens again.

These sample charge nurse labor and delivery interview questions give you a good idea of what to expect. Just remember that the answers are only a guide and shouldn't be used in a real interview. Try to come up with your own answers as you read through the questions.

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