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5 Common Claims Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Many job applicants are relieved when they receive the news that they have landed a face-to-face interview. After all, it can be competitive to apply for a position as a claims manager, and in order to get an interview it is important to have an outstanding resume and cover letter. However, these alone cannot guarantee that you will get the job. Securing employment requires performing well during the interview so you can impress the hiring manager.

To be successful you need to know how to answer more than just the basic interview questions such as, "Why should we hire you?" Think beyond these questions and focus on topics relating to the insurance industry and the management position you are applying for. When you prepare answers to these types of questions, your chances of making a good impression are much higher. To help you, here are five common claims manager interview questions and example answers.

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5 Claims Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Claims managers are often in charge of resolving customer complaints. Can you describe a scenario where you satisfied an unhappy customer?

When I worked as a claims representative, we had a customer who was particularly unhappy because her automobile accident was not being handled quickly enough. She would call daily and complain. Her calls were getting in the way of our ability to do our job and help other customers. I decided to be proactive and work harder to speed her claim along. I would call her daily and give her a progress report. Although we only finished her claim a little sooner than anticipated, the extra effort I made helped make her happy. She rarely complained because of my efforts.


You will be in charge of making sure the other claims representatives are productive. How will you make this happen?

I think it is extremely important to make sure that the claims representatives know what is expected of them. When they know what is expected of them, they are more likely to be productive and meet the requirements of their job. To ensure this happens, I would meet with each representative regularly. I would also follow up consistently through email. If certain representatives are not meeting expectations, I will help them perform better with training.

How will you ensure that our company avoids fraudulent claims?

I would make sure to spend ample time researching and evaluating each claim to ensure that it is valid. I would also set certain standards that a normal claim falls under. This would make it easier to identify claims that have the potential to be fraudulent. Additionally, I would make sure that the representatives are detailed oriented when they are evaluating the claims.

Claims managers spend some of their time on the phone. What skills do you possess that will help you in this role?

Phone conversations are one of the more challenging aspects of the claims process, and there are a lot of people who a claims manager has to communicate with over the phone. As a claims representative, I have learned to speak slowly and clearly so people can hear me. I have also learned to wear headphones so that I am not distracted when I am listening. When I am on the phone, I try to be patient and positive. This allows me to please the person I am speaking with on the phone and minimize the likelihood of a stressful conversation.

You will be required to work with insurance agents, brokers, loss adjusters, customers, and other people to process claims. How will you make sure everyone receives your full attention?

I am an effective time manager. I am very good at scheduling my tasks and prioritizing what needs to get done. This skill will help me as I attend to the needs of the other people I work with. I will be able to stay organized and have the ability to find the time to fit people in when they need help. I am also flexible and understanding when someone needs something. If I need to adjust my schedule to meet their needs, I can do that. I recognize that when I accommodate others, it helps everyone (including me) to do their jobs better.

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