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5 Common Client Services Representative Interview Questions & Answers

With great delight you received an invitation to interview for the client services representative position you applied for. It's apparent that your resume and cover letter were well-received, and no doubt you're excited for this opportunity to let your personality shine through, but feel a bit nervous as well. The good news is that if you're prepared to answer client services representative interview questions, you can make a positive, lasting impression on the hiring board.

Hiring managers often include questions such as, "why are you interested in this position?" and, "why should we hire you?" during the interview, but you should also be prepared to answer more specific client services representative interview questions. It's crucial that your answers are well thought out to be convincing enough to get the hiring board to choose you over other candidates. The following are some of the most common questions you can expect to receive, with a sample answer provided for each.

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5 Client Services Representative Interview Questions & Answers

Tell us about a recent experience in which you as a client received outstanding service.

I recently tried to look up a gift card balance on a retailer's website. The page returned an error message and said that I needed to contact client services, so I did so via the website's live chat option. I was connected to an agent who, after clarifying my question, contacted the department responsible for this information. Within a couple of minutes I had an answer, plus an explanation as to why my particular card wasn't retrievable via the public forum. The agent kindly asked if the information he provided me was satisfactory. The experience left me feeling like I was a valued customer, and for this reason I wouldn't hesitate to do business with this company again in the future.

How do you manage stress in a fast-paced environment?

One thing I do is I try to focus on the task at hand rather than become overwhelmed by thinking about how many more requests I have sitting unfulfilled in my inbox. I also get up early a few times per week to go to the gym before work. I find this helps me to concentrate better and feel like I'm in control at the office. Finally, when the weather's nice, I like to take my lunch outside and do a little reading before it's time to head back in. In times past when I felt a bit anxious about something, I'd talk about it with my manager before the stress significantly affected me.

We notice you have an advanced degree. Why are you interested in working in client relations?

For me, client services gives me the opportunity to do something useful that's steadier than, say, a position in corporate middle management. Although I'm open to moving up and taking on more responsibility in the future, I see a position like this as a way to continue using and sharpening my soft skills while staying busy at a firm where I'll get exposure to various specialties. The human interaction component also attracts me, as I've had positions in the past where I worked more independently, and this helped me realize how much I enjoy working with others.

Tell us about how you would handle an irate client.

I'd say the key is to not take it personally. If I receive an email that insults or attacks something I did or said, I'll take time to ensure my reply is professional. In a phone call, if a client starts using profanity, I'd gently ask him or her to stop, and if that request is not respected, I would eventually end the call. If it's a situation that comes up in person, I'd ask the client if he or she wishes to speak with a manager, and in those cases normally the answer is yes. I recognize that from time-to-time people get upset or angry, and it's nothing that causes me undue worry.

This job involves supporting a team of agents. How do you stay organized?

I keep notes organized digitally that are accessible from both my desktop and mobile device. I prefer electronic communication so that I have a reference for any request that comes my way. I also ask for deadlines so that I know how to prioritize items on my plate. I put appointments on my calendar and set reminders to ensure that I don't miss a single important call or meeting.

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