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5 Common Concession Stand Worker Interview Questions & Answers

After you have sent your outstanding resume and cover letter to a hiring manager, it is time to kick back and see if you actually get an interview. While you can never be 100 percent certain what is going to happen in a job interview, there are some typical things to prepare for. Always show up on time, be well-dressed and prepare responses to some of the more common interview questions for concession stand workers.

The interviewer is likely going to ask you why you want this job and how soon you can start working. However, do not be surprised if you get asked additional questions that are more specific to the actual work of a concession stand worker. The following concession stand worker interview questions and answers are some of the more typical ones you will likely be asked in this line of work. The sample answers should give you an idea of how you should prepare your own personal responses.

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5 Concession Stand Worker Interview Questions & Answers

Do you prefer working as part of a team, or on your own?

I am equally proficient in both. I love contributing to a team dynamic, and I am willing to adjust my role depending on what is needed. In the past, I have led a group whenever a manager was out in order to ensure that all of the day’s tasks were completed promptly. However, I also know when it is time to take a step back and assume a more subordinate position. If times come up when I am the only one at the stand, I know how to keep myself busy to ensure everything gets completed and that customers get what they need.

Describe a time when you exemplified excellent customer service.

One time at my last job, someone came to concession and placed a particularly large order. Naturally, it took a little time to get all the sodas and hot dogs together, and someone else came in behind the first man waiting. I felt bad because the guy was only the second person in line and yet he was probably going to have to continue standing there for at least 10 minutes. I asked the first man if it was okay if I got the other man’s order while he was waiting, and he completely understood. I helped the other guy out and sent him on his way promptly.

How would you handle a disagreement/argument with a coworker?

It would depend on the extent of the disagreement. Naturally, I would want to try to resolve it on our own if all possible. However, if an issue came up that was to the detriment of the company, I would obviously inform my manager. For example, at my last job, I caught one of my coworkers stealing boxes of chips at the end of shifts. He confronted me and told me that I should keep it to myself. I knew I could not keep silent, so I informed my manager of the situation. He understood my skepticism of approaching him with this issue, so when he talked to the employee in question, he said he discovered the discrepancy by way of security cameras.

Describe a time you made a mistake. What did you learn from it?

One time a woman came to the stand and placed a fairly large order. I communicated everything back to the guys preparing food in the back, but I forgot to mention that one of the hot dogs was supposed to be bacon-wrapped. When all the food came out, the woman obviously pointed out that fact, so we had to throw one of the hot dogs out and prepare a fresh one from scratch. It was a rookie mistake on my part, and that is when I learned that I needed to write large orders out instead of trying to remember them.

How well do you multitask?

I am well-acquainted with having to make sure multiple projects are completed on time. I generally prioritize by focusing on what is going to take the greatest amount of work and ensuring that gets the most my attention. Other items that I know can be completed more easily tend to get placed on the backburner until I have the time to get to them.

With these common concession stand worker interview questions and answers added to your mental arsenal, you will be much better prepared for your next job interview.