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5 Common Customer Care Representative Interview Questions & Answers

While the resume and cover letter are vital parts of the process of earning a new position, the interview is where you apply what you include in your resume. What you write may get the attention of employers, but it is meaningless until they are able to speak with you and put it all in context. This is the reason why the interview is such an important stage in the process. Creating a good first impression and relationship will go a long way toward being hired.

One useful strategy to make a strong connection is to review customer care representative interview questions. There are general interview questions that you should be familiar with to ensure you are able to be as successful as possible, but you should also take the time to familiarize yourself with questions specific to your chosen career. These are the most important questions and the ones the interviewer will likely base the hiring decision upon, which is why you should already know how you are going to answer. Take a look at these common customer care representative interview questions.

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5 Customer Care Representative Interview Questions & Answers

This position revolves around your ability to communicate effectively with customers. Tell me about your communication skills and your experience practicing this skill.

I have held previous customer service positions and am confident in my ability to connect with your customers effectively. I first began working in customer relations in 2000, so I have more than a decade of experience. I've always prioritized interpersonal communication in my work as well as my studies, so I consider myself a master of communication at this point. In previous jobs I was interacting with customers nearly constantly, so I certainly have plenty of experience communicating for long periods at a time.

In order to be successful as a customer care representative, you must be organized. What strategies do you employ to keep straight all the information you must manage?

In previous workplaces I have used my personal planner to great success. I have found this strategy is far more effective than simply trying to remember anything offhand. Occasionally, when more organization is necessary, I have created a spreadsheet. Using these two methods, I have been able to avoid any issues with disorganization and have never had a problem with it getting in the way of my work. This strategy also allows me to focus on a single task until it is completed before moving onto the next task.

When customers come to you with an issue, you must employ problem-solving skills to be able to quickly and effectively help them. Do you have professional problem-solving experience?

I do. I've found there is no end to the unusual problems that employees in customer service face. When I was a customer service representative in my previous job, I would consistently have customers approach me with all sorts of problems, which I solved. Through this experience, I believe I have developed substantial critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How do your long-term career goals relate to earning this customer care representative position?

At this point I consider myself a professional customer service agent, and I intend to remain in this industry for the rest of my career. I already have significant experience, so this customer care representative position would allow me to venture into a new field and gain another unique take on providing customer service. Because this is already my industry of choice, I intend to stay in this position for several years. Additionally I am hoping to pursue a managerial position, which I have attained previously.

At its core, the customer care representative position is a customer service job. What experience do you have in the service industry?

The majority of my working experience has been in customer service. I began working in this industry in 2000, and throughout the decade and a half that I have been working in service, I have held four positions in customer service, three of which were eventually leadership positions. I have worked in food service, reception, and even have some experience in sales. I am a veteran of the service industry, so I don't anticipate having any difficulty adjusting to this customer care representative position.

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