5 Common HR Team Leader Interview Questions & Answers

Once you have written a strong resume and cover letter, it is time to earn the HR team leader position you applied for by excelling in the interview. This will be the first time you interact with anyone in person, so it is especially important that you create a strong impression. You should emphasize confirming the attributes you described in your resume as well as establishing a relationship with the interviewer.

Before your interview, you should spend plenty of time preparing. Review the best interviewing practices and study some of the most common questions you will likely be asked so you can prepare answers in advance. You should also be prepared to answer questions about the field you have chosen specifically. The following is just a short list of some of the most typical HR team leader interview questions, as well as some sample answers. Reviewing this guide will help confidently you answer these questions in a way that makes you appeal to the interviewer.

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5 HR Team Leader Interview Questions & Answers

1. Obviously, this position requires extensive leadership skills. What experience do you have leading a team?

My work history is mostly in sales, and while I do not have experience as a team leader, I was an account supervisor, which meant I oversaw others' work and was responsible for managing it. My leadership experience was not as extensive as it likely will be in this position, but I absolutely believe I developed the skills and managerial knowledge necessary to jump right in as an HR team leader. I am ready to apply my skills managing others in the pursuit of raising efficiency and achieving more.

2. Communication is at the heart of the HR team leader position. How have you developed your communication skills in your previous work?

As you know, I was assigned as the department head in my previous position. While I was in this leadership position, I personally prioritized communication because I felt it would make a big difference. I attribute my success as a manager to my ability to clearly and quickly communicate anything. As I enter this leadership position, I intend to bring the exact same emphasis on interpersonal communication to make my work even more efficient. I certainly believe that I have been prepared for this position.

3. You must be able to perform analyses quickly, accurately, and effectively. What sort of analytical skills have you developed?

As a salesperson, analysis would be required all the time. Obviously, the analysis I was doing was not exactly the same as an HR team leader, but the skills are the same. When speaking with a potential client, I had to be able to recognize what was working and what approaches were not and adapt to successfully make a sale. Before even starting the sale, I would analyze the information I had to develop a strategy. Analysis was a big part of why I was successful in my previous job, so I have no worries that I will be able to apply the same skills when in the HR team leader position.

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4. This position will also require mathematical or accounting skills. Do you have working experience in this aspect as well?

I do. Mathematics had a way of working its way into nearly every customer interaction I had, and having to work the numbers out quickly while working with a client certainly did get my mathematic skills sharp. In fact, one of the aspects I am most excited about in regards to transferring from my old position to the HR team leader position is the added emphasis on accounting because I believe this is one area I certainly excelled in. I look forward to being able to apply these skills in a more direct way.

5. Is this HR team leader position in line with your long-term career goals?

It is. By applying for this HR team leader position, I am making a transition from the department I have been working in to human resources. I am hoping to make this a permanent transition as I am excited to enter the HR world. In fact, by earning this position, I would be making my first big step in this direction. I hope to be able to remain in this position for several years and will be pursuing advancement opportunities as they arise.

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