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5 Common Insurance Account Executive Interview Questions & Answers

You've already completed the first steps of applying for your next job by creating an exceptional resume and a cover letter that won't fail to create a good impression. Next comes the task of nailing the job interview which those looking for a career in this field must face. This is a crucial aspect of the hiring process for both interviewers and interviewees, as it gives the prospective employee and bosses the opportunity to evaluate whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the company and the work they'll be performing and vice versa.

There will be many questions presented throughout the interview for you to answer. You may already be quite familiar with some of the more common ones such as "Tell me about yourself," but those looking for a job in this field should be prepared to answer some more specific insurance account executive interview questions when they show up for their interview as well.

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5 Insurance Account Executive Interview Questions & Answers

Do you have any experience with sales or other types of negotiations with clients or customers as an insurance account executive?

Yes. In my current position, I actively work with customers in regards to finding them the right policies for their needs. When I first started in the insurance industry, I had a lot to learn about selling policies and packages to customers, not realizing that many of them want to pay for less than they need. As I've gained more experience, however, I've found it's just a matter of finding a balance between their budgeting needs and their insurance needs. Keeping that in mind helps to keep any customer happy and shows them that you care about their finances as well as your company's, and that's what keeps them coming back for more.

How important are organizational skills on the job?

Organizational skills are among the most important aspects of any job. They make it possible to get through your work without letting things slip through the cracks. In my last job, I was regularly faced with handling a great deal of paperwork and quickly learned that if you don't keep things organized, you're likely to overlook details. Now I always have sticky notes, tabs, folders, and other organizational tools in my workspace to help keep all of my information in order so I can perform at my best while on the clock without anything being overlooked in the process.

Are you technologically savvy?

Yes. I know how important technology is in the modern workplace, especially when it comes to a highly-organized and information-based industry like insurance, so I take it upon myself to always try to be as up to date as possible with my knowledge of the technology used in this line of work. I'm up to speed with a variety of word processing systems, spreadsheets, and other types of software. Emails are never a problem, and in fact they've become my preferred method of communication over the years because they create no clutter, which generally helps me stay organized in my work space.

Describe a time when you've had to handle a particularly difficult customer or situation while on the job.

Just last week at my current job, I had a customer approach me who was very visibly unhappy about one of her claims being denied regarding a recent accident she'd had with a new car. At first I tried to direct her to the claims specialist who'd made the decision to deny the claim so they could explain to her why the claim had been denied. Instead, she wanted to cancel her coverage with the company so she could move to another that she thought might understand her needs more. Instead of being upset at some of the ruder things she said, I calmly spoke to her about why changing her coverage might make a negative impact on her financial records, and in the end she calmed down enough for me to direct her to a representative who could help her learn more about why her claim was denied.

Do you see yourself pursuing this as a career in the future?

Yes, this is definitely a job I can see myself learning and performing as I move forward with my life. It's the perfect position to use my skills while honing them even more, and this company seems like an excellent place to work. I'm really excited about this opportunity.

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