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5 Common Insurance Marketing Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Once you are done tweaking your resume and cover letter, you need to get ready for the first face-to-face meeting with a potential employer. How you act and answer questions at this interview may dictate whether you get a job offer. If you are able to impress the hiring manager with your skill and experience, you may be viewed as a strong candidate. The question you have to ask yourself is how can you prepare for this process?

The preparation is fairly simple. You should review commonly asked inquiries and other basic best practices to get an understanding of how the process will work. Once you have the foundation, you need to delve into specific insurance marketing manager interview questions and answers. Looking at these specifics will give you experience answering industry-related questions, which can give you standout confidence.

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5 Insurance Marketing Manager Interview Questions & Answers

What do you think your duties would be as an insurance marketing manager?

From what I understand from the job description, you are looking for an employee with a background in insurance and sales who will be able to increase sales and brand awareness in this region. To that end, I would have to establish a personal presence in this area so I would be able to network with potential clients and insurance agents. With my knowledge of the area, I would then have to work with other team members to create an effective sales strategy. I think I would have to teach other insurance agents how to implement the new strategy to ensure that sales increase effectively. As the person reaching out to new clients and networking in the community, I would have to be sure to represent the company well and remain professional over the phone, in writing and in person.

How did you gain the technical knowledge needed to be an insurance marketing manager?

I first started gaining this technical knowledge while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree in finance and marketing. I then got a job as an insurance underwriter and pursued my Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation from The Institutes. After I had that certification, I realized I wanted to take my career into the sales side of the business. That's when I took a position as an insurance sales agent manager. I used my extensive knowledge of insurance and underwriting to start gaining new clients for the company. I think my knowledge of insurance and marketing will help me succeed as an insurance marketing manager at this company.

Have you done anything recently to better yourself as an insurance marketing manager?

I have always felt career building is an important part of being a professional. That is why I regularly attend seminars on insurance- and marketing-related topics. Last month I attended a seminar focused on the skills needed to give an eloquent and informative presentation over the phone, in person and through a webinar program.

Where do you see yourself in five years and how will this position help you get there?

In five years I would love to pass my insurance and marketing knowledge to the next generation, so I would love to be in a position on the training side of things. This insurance marketing manager position would help me build relationships with clients and agents to better prepare me for a managerial role. This position would also help me build a foundation at this company. I have always admired this company for the service it provides customers, so I would like to continue growing here.

One of the responsibilities of this position is to give presentations to insurance agents and clients. Would you be comfortable hosting presentations and seminars over different mediums?

At my last job I was expected to train our remote employees using a webinar program. I had to create the training and write my own seminar material. A few of the remote employees lived in the same area as the headquarters, so they came to the seminar in person. I had to give presentations of this sort on a regular basis. I have experience giving presentations in a few different mediums, so I believe I would be comfortable doing it for your company.

The more you practice answering common insurance marketing manager interview questions, the more confidence you will gain. This confidence may help you stand out from the competition.

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