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5 Common Life Insurance Salesperson Interview Questions & Answers

You have revised your resume with your most recent work experience, and you have written a cover letter that goes into great detail about your most valuable skills. The only thing left to do is to prepare for the interview. It is not recommended that you go into a job interview without any preparation, because the worst thing that could happen is you will be asked something and will have absolutely no idea how to answer it.

A few of the most common things to prepare are a 30-second sales pitch about yourself and a quick overview of your job history. However, a hiring manager is very likely to ask you more pertinent questions relevant to the insurance industry. What follows are some of the most common life insurance salesperson interview questions and answers that come up. You might not be asked these specific questions, but it never hurts to be ready for any possibility.

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5 Life Insurance Salesperson Interview Questions & Answers

1. How do you maintain relationships with clients?

I truly understand the importance of always maintaining a sense of loyalty among my clients. If the clients are happy with the services they are getting, then they are far less likely to look for a different policy elsewhere. I contact my clients regularly in order to keep them in the loop about any changes that will be happening to their policy or the company. I also make it a point to contact a client if she or he is eligible for discounts in a policy. At the last office I worked at, I also sent an email to clients on their birthdays, and I think people really appreciate little actions like that.

2. Sell me this pencil.

Let me ask you something: How often do you find yourself in your office, need to write something down but nothing is nearby to let you do it? This pencil will allow you to write notes or any other little tidbits of information that can help you make a sale. But you know what? Maybe you already have a pen or pencil nearby to let you do that. Is there anyone else in your office who could benefit from a pencil? I would be more than happy to meet with them to further explain the benefits.

3. Are you more comfortable in an office or out in the field?

I am fine in either environment. It really just comes down to whatever is required of me at that point in time. I love driving to people's houses or businesses in order to meet with them to sell a policy. I think going out to the client rather than trying to get him or her to come here is a great way to emphasize that we care about convenience rather than simply our bottom line. However, I also understand when paperwork needs to be handled, and I have no problems sitting behind a desk in order to ensure it all gets done sooner rather than later.

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4. Talk about a time when you failed to make a sale. What did you learn from it?

Early in my career, I worked at a car dealership. At first, I failed to make a lot of what should have been easy sales. I examined my strategy and realized that I spent all the meetings talking about myself and the car and I rarely asked questions to the customer. I learned the importance of obtaining an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs so that I can customize my strategy to make the product relevant to the needs of the client. Now that I am in insurance, I utilize the same ideology. I always ask the clients questions so that I can recommend the ideal policy for them rather than try to push my own agenda onto them.

5. Can you handle cold calling?

I did a lot of cold calling at my last job and brought in numerous clients through that method. While I would certainly say I am proficient at it, I would much prefer to meet people face-to-face. Personally, I think it is a much more productive way to sell a policy.

During an actual meeting, there will likely be more life insurance salesperson interview questions and answers you have to give. This small sample should give you an idea of what to expect.

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