5 Common Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

A stellar resume and cover letter are only the first part of landing a new job. In order to cement your first impression on a potential employer, you are going to need to ace the interview portion. You are likely familiar with some typical interview questions such as "Why do you want to work here?" Other common questions include "What is your biggest weakness?" and "What makes you different from other candidates?" However, when you are applying for a job in the marketing industry, no matter what the specific position is, you should be ready to answer questions specifically related to marketing work. Whether you have been working in the industry for years or are just trying to break into it, you need to be prepared for some of the most common marketing interview questions and answers. Here are a few typical questions and some sample answers to get your mind on the right track.

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5 Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

1. Talk about a marketing project you successfully completed.

I had a client come in who wanted to greatly enhance her SEO presence. I took a glance at her online presence and noticed that her website was greatly out of date and difficult to navigate. I suggested a course of action I thought would work to her ultimate benefit. I wanted to give her website a complete overhaul, and I wanted to start a blog for her to host on her site. I gave her an estimate of how much it would initially cost and how much it would cost to maintain it month-to-month. In the time since this plan was implemented, that client's company has seen a 500 percent increase in monthly traffic to her site.

2. Would you recommend a client continue pursuing social media content if there was proof it was not working?

I would definitely encourage a client to continue pursuing social media even if it was not working at the moment. For starters, social media is only growing larger, so it would be wise to lay the groundwork now so that when more people do start using it more, your company will be ready. Additionally, regularly updating social media helps with SEO, so you will end up with a higher search engine ranking if you use it consistently. At the end of the day, you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find your business, so maintaining a social media presence is only going to work to your advantage.

3. Describe a time when one of your marketing strategies failed.

I was working on a promotional strategy for a corporation. A week before the deadline, I took on another project that I thought I could handle simultaneously with the initial one. This was early in my career, and I was probably a little too overeager. I dropped the ball and missed the deadline for the first strategy I was in charge of. This upset the client, but I kicked it into overdrive and submitted the final presentation a day late. While the client was understandably a little upset, it was pleased with what I presented and hired us for its promotional campaign. From that moment, I learned to know how much I can handle at one time and to never bite off more than I can chew.

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4. Take a look at our company's website/blog. What would you change?

I checked out your blog before coming in. I noticed that you have not posted a new entry for a week. Everything before that last entry was posted rather haphazardly. I would want a more consistent schedule. I think a new blog entry should be posted every day or every other day, which might necessitate hiring another writer to take care of it.

5. What technology are you most excited about? What would you want to start doing if hired to work here?

I am really interested in website design for mobile devices. A lot of times, I have tried viewing a website from my phone, and it looks terrible. I would want to start offering this company's clients this service because more and more people are doing research on companies through their smartphones, and I think we need to get ahead of the competition in that endeavor.

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