5 Common Marketing and Promotions Manager Interview Questions & Answers

An outstanding resume and cover letter can help you sail through the beginning stages of the job searching process. Once you have landed an interview, then the pressure is on for you to really shine. A face-to-face interview is your opportunity to secure the job and move on to employment. Acing this interview requires preparation, confidence, and practice.

In most interviews, you can expect to answer some general questions such as "tell me about yourself," or "why do you want this job?" While it is important to prepare responses to these types of questions, it is also imperative to anticipate questions that are pertinent to the marketing role you are interviewing for. Certain questions are more likely to be asked during a marketing and promotions manager interview than others. Anticipating these questions can help you prepare better responses and increase your chances of landing the job. To help you, here are some of the most common marketing and promotions manager interview questions and answers.

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5 Common Marketing and Promotions Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you effectively promote our brand using social media?

Successful promotion on social media takes effort and strategy. When I worked for my previous company, we participated in several loop giveaways that were unsuccessful. We learned quickly that these giveaways boosted our following initially, but not long term. From these efforts, I learned that social media promotions are more effective when they are well thought out and they make sense. I like the idea of partnering with like brands. The chances of gaining a return from your efforts are higher when you do this.

2. In your role as Marketing and Promotions Manager, how will you handle a problem with an employee?

As a manager, I hope to create an atmosphere of open communication. I want people to feel comfortable sharing their problems and hope that everyone can work together towards a common goal. If I have a problem with an employee, I plan on taking him or her aside for a one-on-one talk. I believe in being firm when necessary, but also try to offer support so I can create good relationships.

3. Marketing often requires you to be creative. Describe a situation where you used your creativity for success.

When I worked on the marketing team of an athletic attire company, I suggested we partner with a media and electronics company. This seemed like a stretch to most people because it was not directly related to fitness or athletics. Shoes, health food, and gear were more obvious partners. My idea was to personalize the media to match the attire. A yoga outfit, for example, was coordinated with a calming playlist and portable speakers. The running gear, on the other hand, was paired with more upbeat music and portable headphones. The consumer really grasped this concept and both companies benefited from the promotion.

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4. Can you work quickly to meet deadlines? Or do you take your time to perfect the work?

Obviously every company wants a perfected project and a deadline met. In the marketing world, this is challenging. Sometimes new promotions and ideas come at the last minute and you have to be flexible to meet the deadline and produce great content. In my experience, I have found that planning eliminates some of the stress involved with meeting deadlines. The better I plan what needs to be marketed and how, the easier it is to produce polished, strategic work on time.

5. In this role, you will be required to manage people and work with other departments. Give us an example of your people skills.

I love working with people, and all of my previous jobs have included interacting with others. In my previous role, I had to work with the Vice President of Sales to create a marketing campaign that would help increase sales by 10 percent. Part of this task involved presenting ideas to the sales team. Once they chose a campaign, I had to work daily with the sales team to make sure it ran smoothly. My people skills enabled me to coordinate with my team and the sales team. The campaign was successful and the sales team was able to meet their goal.

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