5 Compelling Accounts Payable Clerk Interview Tips

Your job interview is a time for you to shine and show a prospective employer you have the skills required to be an asset to their company. Accounts payable clerk interview tips enable you to show your abilities to employers before your first day on the job. An interviewer will ask standard questions about your background, education and work experience, but in addition to these basic questions will be those intended to test your readiness for the specific job. The interviewer will want to know why the company should hire you rather than a competing candidate, so you need to prove that you have an edge and qualities that make you unique. In your answers, you should communicate that you have the skills required and a mentality that is well-suited to your field. Handling questions can be a challenge, but the preparation may pay off if you apply the following strategies.

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Accounts Payable Clerk Interview Tips

Show Your Organizational Skills. One thing that is important for anyone who works in an accounting department, particularly an accounts payable clerk, is organization. This is where not only the answers you give to the interviewer are important, but details also may make the difference. When you answer questions, make sure your answers are focused and adhere to the topic. Structure your sentences well and show that you thrive on organization. In addition, make sure your appearance is put-together, and that you are in charge of your life, from the contents in your purse or briefcase to handling your mobile device to the skills you have to offer the client, as discussed in the interview.

Highlight your Education. While larger accounting firms may hire a clerk who has a high school diploma, the smaller the accounting department, the more likely you are to have substantial responsibilities, and need higher qualifications. If you have completed an associate degree in accounting, which is needed to land many accounts payable clerk jobs, make sure you mention it even though you feel certain the interviewer has read it on your resume.

Demonstrate Attention to Detail. Accounts payable clerk interview tips include showing the interviewer your skills in handling details. In accountancy, every number and detail counts and can make a significant difference in job performance. Describe examples of how your attention to detail has been useful in prior jobs and personal experiences. Talk about a project that was transformed or rescued by your locating a detail and refining it. Your talent for dealing with details masterfully can be expressed in the way you speak during an interview and by using facts precisely.

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Prove financial knowledge. As an accounts payable clerk, you will need to be acquainted with financial principles and be well-versed in handling data concerned with money. This means mentioning your experience in dealing with financial reports, even if only in your everyday life. Showing that you are articulate in these matters will stand you in good stead not only in the interview, but in a job situation when you will need to discuss the details of financial reports with managers, employees or others in the accounting department. In addition, understanding the material well enables you to fix any mistakes or clear up inaccuracies efficiently.

Demonstrate communication skills. In addition to focusing on details to ensure accuracy, an accounts payable clerk will need to communicate with others to clarify issues that may come up regarding payroll. This means dealing with questions employees may have about their paychecks or speaking with managers who have found inconsistencies. While clerks may not deal with these issues directly, they should understand the nature of the questions and how to correct the problem. During the interview, show your communication skills in the way you answer questions and by bringing up examples of successful communication in your job history.

Incorporating these accounts payable clerk interview tips into your discussion with a prospective employer can help you have an edge over competing applicants. Rather than simply telling the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the job, you can show him or her that you have the skills required with the way you communicate and the types of experiences you describe. Using these strategies with confidence will bring you a step closer to reaching your career objectives and landing a coveted job opportunity.

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