6 Common Adjuster Interview Questions & Answers

Being successful in your job hunt comes down to three things: the cover letter, the resume and the personal interview. You work hard to craft an elegant cover letter and a stellar resume listing your qualifications and accomplishments. Together, these two documents make your case to the hiring manager as to why you should be considered for the position. However, the face-to-face interview is often the deciding factor in whether you are offered the job. Once you've created a strong cover letter and resume, it's time to prepare for the interview.

Most personal interviews follow a similar path, including questions about your accomplishments and work experience. The goal is to determine if you are qualified and if you have a personality that would work well in the company, and many interviewers utilize a set of standard questions about your strengths. While it's good to prepare for these questions, there will most likely also be some specific to the insurance industry and adjuster position. You can use these sample adjuster interview questions and example answers to help you feel confident and prepared.

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6 Adjuster Interview Questions & Answers

1. As an insurance adjuster, you will be required to communicate with many people on a daily basis, often separate parties affected by the same claim. How do you plan to acquire and keep track of all the information you need to process a claim?

I'm very methodical in how I work and document everything. My investigation process involves making a list of all the relevant parties I must contact and the information I need to acquire. I make sure I have a specific set of questions ready when I contact each person, and take detailed notes on the answers. I always make sure to follow up if I don't get in touch with someone the first time.

2. Oftentimes you will be dealing with claimants and other people who are upset by the claims process or the settlement offer. How will you handle these types of situations?

I know that it is important to listen well so everyone feels heard. I'm patient and able to remain calm even under stressful circumstances. I feel I can present a good balance between being an understanding listener and explaining the settlement situation clearly and firmly. By researching and understanding company policies, I know I can explain the settlement results in a way that makes sense to the client.

3. You'll be responsible for evaluating a claim and determining its validity and how much the settlement should be. Why do you think you can handle this kind of responsibility?

My education and background in analysis work included many similar assignments. I've successfully completed several projects requiring decision-making based on a set of information. I also have completed an in-depth case study during preparation for the certification process. Additionally, I'm a quick learner and feel comfortable asking questions when necessary and putting new skills to work right away.

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4. Being an adjuster requires a detailed knowledge of mathematics and how to apply them to detailed claims. How are you qualified for this kind of work?

I have an educational background in math, taking several courses and scoring very well in them. Additionally, I'm very detail-oriented in all my calculations, and always double-check my work to minimize errors. I realized that even small mistakes can have large consequences, so I work very diligently. In regards to my post-collegiate education, I've taken several continuing education courses, all of which focused on using math in real-world situations, such as insurance claims. Math is something I enjoy, so I'm confident I can work well in the claims and settlement process.

5. How do you stay knowledgeable about the industry and current policies?

I follow all the state licensing procedures, including taking continuing education courses when necessary. I also research on my own and subscribe to several trade publications and make sure to read updates on industry practices. In my previous work, I was dedicated to reading and implementing changes in company procedures.

6. What are your long-term goals in the insurance field?

I'd like to work with experienced adjusters in several different specialties. While I enjoy the technical work, I'd eventually like to move toward a management position. I'd also be interested in mentoring or providing on-the-job training to new adjusters to help them establish a firm foundation of the industry.

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