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6 Common Attorney Case Manager Template Interview Questions & Answers

Have you finished building your own outstanding resume and cover letter? The next logical step you should take in your search for employment is interview preparation. Acing the first face-to-face meeting can help increase the likelihood you will get a second interview and ultimately land the job. If you give short, nondescript answers to the queries, you may find yourself searching for jobs for a long time.

By reviewing general questions, you can give yourself a strong understanding of how you should formulate your replies. However, practicing for the general inquiries likely will not be enough to really set yourself apart from the competition. You should delve into industry-specific attorney case manager template interview questions and answers so you can highlight the skills needed to make yourself a clear candidate for the position.

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6 Attorney Case Manager Template Interview Questions & Answers

Organization is an important skill for an attorney case manager to have. How do you stay organized?

Chronology is an important part of being a case manager. New information will come in from clients, and it has to get added to the files, but it has to be added in a way that makes it obvious it is an addition. I stay organized by ensuring all of the files are clearly marked with a date and a case number to ensure the documents in the file can be put back should they get misplaced by one of the main attorneys. Because so many of the documents are digital now, I also use organization software to make it easier to keep everything in order and track any changes.

Can you talk about your knowledge of technology and software needed for this role?

As you can tell from my resume, I am currently a case manager with another firm. I have been with that firm for about six months. During my time at the firm, I have been able to gain a lot of expertise with scheduling and file-sorting software. Some attorney case managers feel these computer programs are detrimental to the case manager position, but I think they help ensure efficiency and make the entire office run a little smoother.

What would you do to make a good first impression with clients?

I think being friendly and patient is an important way to make a good first impression with the clients of the firm. From what I understand, the case manager will often be the first one meeting with the clients. I would use tact and cultural sensitivity to interact with each client in a way that will make him or her feel comfortable. I know I won't be able to make everyone necessarily like me, but if I give respect and work honestly, I think it will help make the clients feel secure at the firm.

Would you be comfortable monitoring the schedule of all of the cases you are managing?

As a prospective attorney case manager, I know a huge portion of my responsibilities will be to monitor the schedule of the different cases. This could include scheduling pleas, arraignments, pretrial motions, discovery, depositions and other stages of the case. I would be comfortable keeping track of all of these moving pieces and making sure the attorneys are alerted to deadline changes.

How did you gain the technical knowledge needed for the role?

I have my bachelor's degree in prelaw, and I am currently attending law school, so I have a lot of technical knowledge from the courses I am currently taking. I also have attended a few law-related conferences and seminars, and I enjoy reading a law journal to keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry. I am excited to gain more hands-on experience and continue to update the legal knowledge I have.

How do you see this position helping you reach your career goals?

While I was pursuing my bachelor's degree, I worked as a legal secretary. This is a step up because I will be able to help in the actual legal proceedings. My goal would be to become an attorney once I pass the bar and complete my law school training. I think this position will give me a unique understanding of the legal world that some of my peers may not have.

By reviewing these and other common attorney case manager template interview questions, you will be able to give eloquent answers that make it clear you are a good choice for the position.

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