6 Critical Case Manager Interview Tips

Once your resume and cover letter have been noticed during the job search process, the next step is usually the in-person interview. Here you can show off your knowledge and suitability for your work in the nursing industry by presenting yourself as skilled and enthusiastic. If you do well during your interview, you can increase your chances of getting chosen to be hired. Here are some of the most helpful things to know for those needing case manager interview tips.

Before sitting down for an interview, take time to reflect about your past educational and work experiences. You want to make sure you're carefully prepared with specific examples of when your past duties have mirrored some of the responsibilities of the job you're going for. You also want to think about the times in your career where you have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding service to patients and their families. This passion and expertise can help you have a better chance during the job search.

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Case Manager Interview Tips

Give Examples of Multitasking: One of the first vital case manager interview tips involves your ability to multitask. Case managers in a hospital or medical practice setting are often taking on several different tasks at once. It's important to show to the interviewer that you have experience working on many projects at the same time. It's also a good idea to talk about how you have managed to succeed with different things going on in the background. Candidates should give specific examples of their past skills in multitasking. This can show to the hiring manager that you have the right attitude and work ethic for the position.

Display Top Communication Skills: Working in case management may also require that you have top communication skills. When helping families or individuals decide what comes next in their health care, case managers often have to discuss plans with medical providers and insurance companies as well as the patient. You can show that your case management style is effective by displaying the ability to communicate difficult information to people. Explain to the hiring manager how you break down complicated medical jargon to families and patients.

Describe Your Experience Working on a Team: Teamwork is an important part of medical care today. Case managers must be able to effectively work with a healthcare team of doctors, specialists and nurses in order to provide the highest quality of care to a patient. Wherever your experience has taken you, an interviewer wants to see that you have what it takes to be able to work well with others in a hospital or managed care setting. Talk to the hiring manager about the times when you have been successful with a group of people. Give examples of what your role looks like in the teamwork approach.

Talk About Your Medical Training: Effective medical case managers must also have a strong background in practicing nursing. It's essential to get this across during your interview. Start with your medical training received during college, and discuss how your courses prepared you for the job of nursing. Then give details about your background as a nurse and the different specialties you have had experience with. Your goal is to demonstrate a strong knowledge of medical terminology and procedures.

Highlight Your Management Experience: At the core of a case manager's job is the ability to manage people. A case manager candidate needs to have experience being a supervisor or leader in a medical setting. You can show that you're ready to take on this job by highlighting your experience as a manager in nursing or other types of medically-related work. Make sure you give the interviewer a sense of your management style by offering examples of you and your team solving problems. This is one of the most important case manager interview tips.

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Stress Your Ability to Be Sensitive and Caring: Finally, sensitivity and caring is required of people looking to be case managers. Indicate to your hiring manager that you have the ability to demonstrate these traits by talking about times when you have to deliver tough news to a family.

Getting a job as a nursing case manager can be challenging for those in the medical field. If you prove yourself to be skilled and knowledgeable during your interview, you can get closer to being hired for this top job.

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