Provide Me With an Example of a Time When Your Leadership Skills Failed You

In interviews today- potential employers are increasingly focusing on behavioral interview questions instead of traditional interview questions. They do this to get an idea of how you have applied your skills to potentially difficult situations. One such example of a behavioral question is 'Provide me with an example of a time when your leadership skills failed you.'

Behavioral questions are picking up in popularity because they give potential employers an opportunity to see how you might react to certain events while on the job. They also give you a change to highlight your strengths- acknowledge your weaknesses and what you have learned from them- and to prove that you will be an asset to your new company. When compared to traditional interview questions- which usually deal with concrete facts such as your GPA- what organizations you belong to and where you got your degree- it is no wonder that behavioral questions are preferred to help interviewers really get to know a candidate.

Some people may find behavioral questions a little tricky- including this particular one. Although it may seem like an interviewer may be trying to trip you up when they ask this- he or she really only wants to know what you would do. Just one simple answer can show them your problem solving skills- how you react with unexpected difficulties- and what your learning style is. An alternative way the interviewer may ask this question is 'Tell me about a time when you made a mistake in a leadership position.'

No matter how difficult these types of questions may initially seem- you can still ace your interviews if you prepare yourself and know how to answer these questions using the STAR method.

How to Answer the 'Provide Me With an Example of a Time When Your Leadership Skills Failed You' Behavioral Interview Question

Be Prepared With Your Success Stories. The best way to show that you are going to be a valuable member of a team is to highlight your successes when answering behavioral interview questions. How does this apply to a question about a failure? When asked this type of question- or any to do with a failure- you first need to explain what went wrong- how you fixed it and then what you learned from it. Prior to your interview- you should think of some of the most significant examples of times where you failed as a leader and what you learned from the experience. The STAR method is a great tool to use for this question. This is what STAR stands for:

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