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What Are the Most Important Rewards You Expect to Gain From Your Career?

When bosses ask you "what are the most important rewards you expect to gain from your career?" it's sometimes hard to formulate an appropriate response on the spot. Interview questions like these are among the most common asked during job interviews across the globe- and often present interviewees with a rather large and tough decision.

In general interviewers ask this or similar interview questions because it allows them a great deal of insight into potential employees priorities regarding their professional habits as well as the dedication they have towards the industry in general and the job they're currently un the process of interviewing for. By figuring out what motivates you as a worker- bosses are better able to gauge whether or not the company is a good environment for you- and if you'll continue to be an asset for years down the road. This can seem overwhelming- particularly for those who are new to the interviewing process- but by doing a little research and a great deal of preparation- you can create a reply that'll really help you stand out as a candidate for the position you're interviewing for.

How to Answer the "What Are the Most Important Rewards You Expect to Gain From Your Career?" Interview Question

Tell What You Can Do: As is the case with any interview questions- you should use this inquiry as an opportunity to sell yourself to the employer. Rather than talking solely about your personal goals or what you seek to gain on the job- emphasize the rewards that you can offer the company instead. This can be done by underlining your qualifications and any previous experiences that will help you perform effectively and efficiently- or perhaps by emphasizing the zeal and excitement you have for the available job. This helps to show the interviewer that you really care about the position and company you're applying to- and have more invested in its success than simply seeing what it can offer you throughout your employment.

Don't Focus on Financial Rewards: Of course interviewers know that everyone has bills to pay- and they know that the financial rewards associated with the positon are alluring to practically any potential employee who they take the time to interview. However- when asked- "What are the most important rewards you expect to gain from your career?" do not respond with an extensive list of how the salary- benefits or other financial rewards will benefit you or your family. While this may be an honest answer- it's likely to leave the impression that you're only interested in the position for financial gain- which in turn leads employers to think you may not be a reliable source of work over the years to come and that your motivation might start to dwindle after a period of time.

Draw Attention to the Job: Instead of speaking solely about the financial benefits of the job in question- use this opportunity to reiterate your interest in the job and why you feel you're suited for the position in question. Underline the qualities of the job that make you happy. Whether it's the chance to work with certain aspects of technology- an excellent professional community- an exceptional department or anything of the sort- showing that you have a personal investment in the work you're looking to perform will lead employers to consider you a more motivated candidate than those who focus just on financial gains offered by the job. Be specific with the reasons why you expect working in this particular company will be a rewarding experience in order to really make a good impression on a potential boss.

Sample "What are the Most Important Rewards You Expect to Gain From Your Career?" Interview Answers

1. Most of all I'm really looking forward to working with this company's excellent technology department. I know that you have some of the most up-to-date technology in the medical field to date- and I know there's a great deal I can learn by getting my hands on it and really figuring out what it's all about. Building my skills in order to help patients and make the hospital a more efficient place is always one of my top priorities in the workplace- and I know this position will provide me with excellent means to do so.

2. One of the most rewarding aspects of any career for me is having a place to work where I can really make a difference. I want to be able to put my communications and business management skills to the test and to help my company run as smoothly and efficiently as possible in the years to come. I take pride in my ability to work well within the workplace- and this position seems like a great way to use the skills I've already learned in my previous jobs while building even more that'll help maintain business connections and reach new clients in the future.

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