Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

The "Why are you leaving your current job?" question is a rather challenging (if understandable)- very common interview inquiry which practically anyone who's already employed and undergoing a job search will face at some point in the process. This question seems fairly straightforward to begin with – of course- what employer wouldn't be curious about why you're looking to leave your current position- especially in the current job market? However- interviewers can learn a great deal of relevant information from your response to this seemingly innocuous question. Generally- employers are searching for clues regarding your dedication to the job- your conflict resolution skills and even your overall motivation as an employee. While the sheer amount of information that potential employers can garner from this and similar seemingly straightforward interview questions can seem daunting- taking the time to prepare can help any interviewee formulate a response that will never fail to make a great first impression and stand out from the bunch.

How to Answer the Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job Interview Question

Never Badmouth Previous Employers: The last thing you want to do in answering interview questions is to speak ill of your previous bosses. More often than not- the new boss who's interviewing you is going to sympathize more with the other boss than with you- regardless of your boss's faults in leadership and other such factors. Furthermore- this course of action can have a negative impact on what the interviewer thinks of your conflict resolution skills. It appears that rather than working out the issue- you're simply running away and attempting to find employment elsewhere- thereby avoiding whatever this issue might be altogether. If- however- this is the real case behind your leaving the workplace- it might be necessary to alter the truth- just a little. While lying is highly unadvisable during any part of the interviewing process- it is possible (and necessary in some cases) to present the facts as they stand in a manner that makes it seem like you're not attacking another party nor pointing fingers at all- but rather simply looking for new opportunities.

Focus on Growth: One of the most straightforward ways to answer the question "Why are you leaving your current job?" is by focusing on progress. Rather than badmouthing previous bosses and potentially toxic or mismanaged work environments- talk about your own desire to better your skills and to learn more in your field than you're able to learn in your current work environment. This will not only avoid the uncomfortable issue of having to explain that your previous boss was unsatisfactory- but will also serve to underline your own valuable desire to grow and develop as an employee- as well as the valuable skill sets which you're currently bringing to the metaphorical table.

Talk About Advancement: Like focusing on your own personal growth through skills and more- this approach serves to address a few different issues. Rather than speaking ill of your current or old bosses or the workplace you're seeking to escape- place a great deal more focus on your desire to advance your career beyond the means which your current employment opportunity can provide you. Express an interest in learning more about whatever it is that the company in question does. In the end- this approach will show interviewers that you're dedicated to your career and that you're looking to stick around for years to come- meaning you can make them more money and will prove to be reliable.

Sample Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job Interview Answers

1. Working for my current company has really been an excellent experience- and I've learned a great deal over the years that I've put into its development. However- now there seems to be nowhere else to grow- and I'm not able to use my skills as fully as I'd like. I'm looking for another position which offers me the opportunity to grow and develop more than ever before- and provides an excellent atmosphere to facilitate this change. This company seems to be an excellent fit- and I'd really like to learn more about what's done here in order to increase my own value as an employee while doing a job that makes a difference for the world and meeting and working with skilled- great new employees.

2. I really enjoy my current position- but recently it's taken a strategic turn in a direction that no longer really involves my skills or my interests. I'm looking for a position with a new company in order to feel like I'm really using my skills to the best of my ability. I feel like this business has a lot to offer in that aspect- and I'm really excited about the potential opportunity of working with you all and learning a bit more about the field as a whole and building even more new skills sets to use in the workplace.

Now you know one of the top questions asked and some possible answers. WIth these tips you are sure to do well with any similar interview questions that come your way.

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