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Why Do You Want This Job

There are various common interview questions- including the challenging "why do you want this job?" This question can leave unprepared jobseekers stumped. It seems straightforward- but there are a lot of nuances you must consider as you do your interview prep. Some interviewers may add to the difficulty level by rephrasing the inquiry. You might hear "why do you want to work for us" or "how does this job fit in with your goals?" No matter how it is asked- the interviewer is likely trying to get a similar answer.

When an interviewer makes these queries- he or she is trying to see if you have researched the company. Do you know why you want to work for this particular company or is it just a job? The hiring manager may also be looking for an answer that highlights the contributions you can make to the team. Your answer should show both why you want the particular position and why you want to work for the company. With a little preparation- this question can become a lot less daunting.

How to Answer the 'Why Do You Want This Job' Interview Question

Talk About the Company: When you answer this inquiry- it may be beneficial to talk about the advantages you think the company has. Maybe you like the values or culture of the company. Perhaps you have been a big fan of the company for a long time. To help you prepare this answer- you need to think about what attracts you to the company. This could include a business' community impact- industry and relationship with employees. While it may be tempting- and honest- to mention you are interested in the position due to the pay or the benefits- this may not be the best answer to give. You want to be honest about your reasons for wanting to get the job- but it may not be in your best interest to mention the financial aspect.

Look at Opportunities for Growth: Does this job give you a chance to grow? If you are changing your job- chances are you are not doing it for the exact same position you have now. You can tell the hiring manager why are excited for the new position. Maybe you will be able to gain more responsibilities- see a different side of the business or improve your skills. Looking at your opportunities of growth is a good way to showcase your ambition. It also highlights for the interviewer how your goals and the position at hand line up. Make sure you only talk about growth opportunities actually available in the position you are trying to get.

Bring Up Your Skills: While it may seem like a stretch to talk about your skills as you answer the "why do you want this job" question- it can be beneficial. The interviewer is likely trying to get to know you as a professional. If you talk about the skills you have and could use in the job- it may help paint you as a good candidate. Of course- you have to be careful to not be too over-confident in this answer. Instead of solely listing your skills and abilities- you should mention how they tie in with the job at hand. Are you excited to use your people skills to build a relationship with long-lasting customers? Show your potential employer you have the necessary skills to make contributions to the team- and you are excited to do just that. You should try to bring your skills into the answer whenever you respond to interview questions.

Sample 'Why Do You Want This Job' Interview Answers

1. I want this position for a few different reasons. First- it is a great opportunity. This company consistently leads the market. I am excited to be a part of a such a talented team. Second- my skills will be extremely useful in the day-to-day duties of this position. According to the job description- you are looking for a candidate who is familiar with HTML- project management and web design. I have years of experience with each of these skills. I look forward to making a difference in a company that is innovative and community-centric.

2. When I look for a job- I want to work somewhere I can be proud of. I value teamwork- innovation and community. I know this company has the same values. I look forward to working with the rest of the sales team to generate new leads- increase sale margins and build relationship with customers. I want to help change the face of the sale leads generation as this company has always done. I also love that this company encourages employees to volunteer in the community. I would be very proud to work here- and I would work hard every day to help achieve company goals.

Answering any common interview questions can be a challenge. Now that you know how to prepare for this inquiry- it will be much easier for you to give a stand-out answer.

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