EMT Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Writing a good cover letter can make the difference in getting your resume read closely. It’s a way for you to convey a bit more about how your specific skills are right for the position you’re applying for, as well as to give a hint of what you’re like as a person. The free EMT cover letter sample below is really useful for making sure that you include all the pertinent information that you need. Along with the provided tips, it can also help you to get inspired to write in your own voice.

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Having honed my first responder skills over the last five years, I was excited to see your job posting for help at a busy downtown hospital. I’m ready and eager to bring my skills to work in a fast paced environment.

I went into EMT training initially as a way to help people. As soon as I started doing my ride-alongs, I learned that I have the right skills for working in life or death situations. Being able to provide medical care in emergency situations is challenging but I’ve found that I have an almost innate ability to focus on the problem and not get distracted by what’s going on around me.

While my abilities to provide emergency care are excellent, I’m also able to do so with compassion, speaking to patients and loved ones in a calming manner. This is something I’ve done since I was a candy striper back in high school.

Although seeing people in critical situations doesn’t make me happy, the fact that I can make a difference in them having a better result does. I am state licensed and would love to meet with you and further discuss how I can be an asset to your facility. Thank you so much for your time.

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What to Include in an EMT Cover Letter

An EMT cover letter should be written referencing the specific job that is being applied for. The tone should be professional and polite. Follow the format of the free EMT cover letter sample above and keep it to less than one page. Take the time to thank the person you are writing to, and close the letter with a summary of your skills.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Here are some skills that a prospective employer will find desirable in an EMT. These can be added as appropriate to the free EMT cover letter sample above.

● Stress management: EMTs must stay calm, and they need to know how to instill calmness in others, even in high stress situations where fast action is required.
● Compassion: Despite the fast pace, EMTs need to be able to speak to both patients and surrounding loved ones compassionately.
● Problem solving: An EMT has to be able to diagnose and treat quickly, especially those patients that are in critical condition.
● Physical fitness: EMTs are always on the go at a fast pace, needing to bend, kneel and lift on a regular basis.