Paramedic Cover Letter Example & Templates

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The cover letter is the essential first step in any job application process, and it is also the first make-or-break test of an applicant. To make sure that your cover letter is competitive enough to land you an interview, you need to make sure it is lean and focused. Check out the free paramedic cover letter sample below to see how to set up your cover letter to highlight your best skills as a paramedic.

Dear Mr. Cage,

I have always been interested in helping people, which is what drew me to my career as a first responder. It’s also what excited me about your company’s opening for a new paramedic on staff. I believe that I would be an ideal fit for the position, based on both my skills and my experience.

I finished paramedic training while serving as an EMT, so my experience in the classroom and in the field was acquired together as I worked my way up from an entry-level EMT position. I have a great deal of experience driving night shifts in my old position, as this opening calls for, but it is not the only experience I have, so I am also available to pick up additional shifts as needed, as the ad also requested.

In addition to the basic training and on-the-job experience I have acquired, I also bring a positive attitude into the workplace and the strong communication skills needed to help impart it to others. This makes me an ideal communicator when patients need reassurance or when doctors need clear information quickly.

I have current state paramedic certifications and hold the required commercial driver’s license for New York State, and I am available immediately. I would love to discuss my qualifications more in an interview.

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What to Include in a Paramedic Cover Letter

The free paramedic cover letter sample above does what EMT and paramedic samples need to do most. It emphasizes the credentials and education obtained in a clear way. Make it plain that your certifications are all up to date and highlight experience that shows core industry skills. Also make sure to note any extra credentials that help, like the CDL in the sample.

Industry Specific Skills

Industry specific skills are the core of your cover letter. The key is to do what this free paramedic cover letter sample does and find ways with bring them into your letter that also reflect your training and experience.

● Focus: Emergency responders are responsible for life-or-death timing and precision work under trying circumstances, and candidates need to demonstrate some aptitude for focusing under pressure.
● Communication skills: Paramedics need to gather information from bystanders and patients, treat accordingly, and pass on a report on the patient’s care and symptoms to hospital staff.
● Organization: Knowing where everything is and what to do when an emergency situation evolves is essential, so demonstrating a clear sense of organization is vital.
● Dependability: Paramedics are needed whenever emergencies arise, so they need to be dependable workers and coworkers.