emergency department technician resume example

Emergency Department Technician Resume Questions

1. What format should your emergency department technician resume be in?

The chronological resume is the most commonly-used format. Because of its widespread usage, this format makes it simple for reviewers to identify relevant information and keywords as they scan through resumes. The layout typically places a summary section above work history, followed by education and skills sections. When applying for jobs within the same industry, this format presents career progress in an easy-to-follow manner.

After reviewing the formatting used on the emergency department technician resume sample, start your customized resume using the resume builder. The step-by-step instructions lead you through the process of creating a resume that underscores your career strengths and accomplishments.

2. What technical skills should you put on an emergency department technician resume?

The emergency department technician resume sample lists several valuable technical skills in the core qualifications section. Hiring managers may also be looking for familiarity with medical software, particularly if the job description features those computer programs. Include training and experience operating therapeutic or diagnostic medical equipment. If you know diagnostic techniques, drug properties, treatment alternatives, or other industry-specific practices, incorporate details when possible, including the impact you made using those skills.

3. How do you list certifications on your emergency department technician resume?

Industry certifications, professional licensing, and other applicable accreditations fit in a licenses or certifications section on the resume. Present the list in chronological order, with the most recent credentials listed first. If the job requires professional licensing, be sure to include the status of your license. If certifications strengthen your case for being an excellent candidate, then adding these details may help you land an interview. Include the name of the certification, the source of the education, and the year you completed the training.

4. How long should an emergency department technician resume be?

A resume’s length typically varies depending on the number of years the candidate has been working. Limit the resume to one page if relevant work experience is less than 10 years. For careers spanning between 10 to 25 years, resumes can be up to two pages in length. For a longer than 25-year career, the resume may expand to three pages for senior-level positions. Since the goal of the resume is to land an interview, and recruiters often spend just a few seconds scanning the document, include only data that is most likely to move your job application to the next step.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in an emergency department technician resume?

Each job listed on the resume is typically followed by at least three, but no more than six, bullet points per position, as shown on the emergency department technician resume sample. Place the more relevant and impactful accomplishments earlier in the list to help ensure the hiring manager reads the information. Make it easy for the reviewer to see details that are pertinent to the job you want. Each bullet should start with an action verb that describes the value you brought to your prior employers.

Resume Text

Carla Francisco, LVN
123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000 – email@email.com

Highly skilled, compassionate nurse and healthcare professional with 15+ years of experience in hospital settings. Committed to patient recovery and wellness, administering customized care plans in collaboration with physicians. Work well with a diverse patient population and ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements.

BLS Certification, The American Heart Association: 1/2014 – 1/2016 Licensed Vocational Nurse with I.V. Certification, Company Name: 2014

Core Qualifications
Patient Care Psych/Mental Health Care Wound Irrigation IV Certified Emergency Response Pediatric/Geriatric Experience Post-Mortem Care EKG Set-Up

Patient-focused nurse who has supported critical care, pre-op, medical-surgical, and post-op cases in hospital and medical center environments. Stabilized patients in emergency, difficult, or conflictive situations by utilizing clear communication skills and rapid-response problem solving abilities. Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in overseeing 8 medical receptionists. Provided customized education to patients of diverse conditions and backgrounds. Maintained exceptional quality standards throughout admission, assessment, treatment, and discharge phases.

Professional Experience
Emergency Department Technician/LVN August 2008 to Current Company Name City, State Optimize patient health outcomes as an Emergency Department Technician/LVN while adhering to all applicable health, safety, and hospital regulations. Respond promptly and effectively to emergency cases to stabilize patients. Perform chest compressions during cardiac arrest situations. Provide direct patient care in preparing individuals for medical procedures, transferring patients, and facilitating successful discharges. Monitored patient conditions and assessed status by obtaining all initial vital signs and performing EKGs. Administer patient education on topics such as splinting, proper crutch usage, and wound irrigation and dressings.