nuclear medicine technologist resume template

James Dough
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Professional Summary
Widely trusted and dedicated senior nuclear medicine technologist with 18 years’ experience in nuclear medicine environments. Innovative leader with proven track record of creating and implementing cost-saving initiatives. Excellent communicator able to promote a cohesive team environment and coordinate projects with physicians, nurses and laboratory staff. Leverage background in education, technology and accounting to enhance operations management. Thrive in environments requiring self-motivation, organization and drive.

Key Skills
Quality Service Budget Management Results Orientation Employee Engagement Regulatory Compliance Hiring and Training

Core Accomplishments
Spearheaded overhaul and implementation of a new work load unit system that aligned the corporation with present provincial regulations. Pioneered lead cardiac roles outside traditional nuclear medicine responsibilities to improve case report turnover. Reduced costs by 30% with schedule redesign of cardiac procedures and resource allocation. Played an integral role on the provincial executive committee for Newfoundland Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (NAMRT). Presented a lecture on “Carbon-14 Urea Breath Test for Helicobacter Pylori” at the national conference of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT). Demonstrated passionate work ethic with perfect attendance in last 2 years and only a few sick days during entire career. Recipient of several awards, including Medical Staff Award, Technical Award, Dr. J.A. Aquino Award and Ralph Jameson Award.

Operations Management Maintained smooth operational flow of largest nuclear medicine department in Canada. Organized and planned daily patient procedures without overtime in a busy cardiac department. Acted as radiation safety officer before the role was split into three positions. Cost Efficiency Restructured the entire patient procedure schedule to promote more efficient and profitable resource allocation. Utilized internal resources to install new equipment such as gamma cameras. Effectively reduced film costs by 30% by using computer programming for custom summarized formatting.