registered mri technologist resume example

Registered MRI Technologist Resume Questions

1. How do you write the header of a registered MRI technologist resume?

At the very top of your resume, be sure to include a short and subtle header. To help your writing, think about this section as if you almost want the reader not to notice it until he or she has finished the rest of the document and wants to contact you. Check our registered MRI technologist resume sample to see a strong header.

The header needs to convey your contact information quickly. Simply list your full name, email address, and phone number. Some jobseekers leave off the mailing address, others include it, and others still list it minus the city. All of these options have their own advantages.

2. How do you format a registered MRI technologist resume?

Many jobseekers do not realize how important the format of their resume actually is. Employers usually expect applicants to use the standard structuring strategy. You can ensure the structure of your resume meets expectations by using our customized resume builder tool to create a document personalized to your unique qualifications.

If you want to structure your resume manually, begin with a strong, but short, summary statement. Then, list your skills in a quick qualifications section. The third section should be the longest and include the most impressive information about your previous working experiences. The fourth and final section should briefly outline your education information.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of a registered MRI technologist resume?

Take a close look at our registered MRI technologist resume sample to see how to improve your qualifications section as much as possible. The section should take the form of a short bulleted list. Describe your skills using at least four, but not more than eight, bullet points. Remember to only include completely relevant skills. Finally, if you are not sure which skills to prioritize, take a look at the job description. You can usually find a few skills the employer hopes to see.

4. How do your list certifications on your registered MRI technologist resume?

Most experts recommend including your certification information in an existing section, rather than creating a new section for this information. Your certifications fit seamlessly in the qualifications area, right alongside your other skills. If you have too many certifications to make this feasible, creating a dedicated section is an option you have. Just be sure you do not make your resume too long.

5. How long should a registered MRI technologist resume be?

As you see on our registered MRI technologist resume sample, one full page is the optimal length. Including more than this can make the resume difficult to read, and including less can portray you as underqualified. It is a delicate balance you need to strike to have a good chance of landing the job. If your work history is much longer, feel free to use a second page. You should only do this if you have 10 years or more of relevant working experience.

Resume Text

Rachel Green, RT(R)(MR)
123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code | 000-000-0000 |

Career Profile
Dedicated MRI technologist with 22 years of progressive experience delivering compassionate care to trauma, adult, pediatric, and outpatient center patients. Skilled in conducting a range of exams including body, neurological, musculoskeletal, enterography, prostate, and fetal. ARRT certified for both MR and Radiology with proficiency in operating GE Signa HDE 1.5 Tesla, Siemens Magnetom Verio 3 Tesla, and Philips Ingenia 3 Tesla systems.

Core Qualifications
Licensed MRI Technologist Patient Screening Safety Operations Quality Assurance Certified Radiologic Technologist Regulatory Compliance Breast Screening Specialist Venipuncture

Licenses and Certifications
ARRT for Magnetic Resonance and Radiology, License #239120 Certified Radiologic Technologist, State of CA, License #RHT00101195 CPR/AED by Military Training Network and Authorized Provider of American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Courses Certified for Venipuncture and Pharmacology for Contrast Media Procedures by Advanced Health Education Center

Departmental Leadership Selected by Naval Medical Center management to be the primary breast imagery leader specializing in routine breast cancer screenings, implant rupture, and biopsy procedures. Led daily flow scheduling, staff training, and quality assurance initiatives as a senior staff technologist at the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. Staff Training and Development Spearheaded training of active duty personnel contributing to MRI certifications. Recognized for outstanding teamwork and leadership for participating in morale boosting professional projects and recreational outings. Process Improvement Developed an “MRI Patient Brochure” to promote improved patient education and more effectively prepare patients for exams. Enhanced departmental efficiency by creating and implementing an effective organization system.

Professional Experience
Registered MRI Technologist December 2011 to Current Company Name City, State Provide MRI healthcare services as a per diem technologist in an outpatient center environment. Adhere to safety protocols in operating GE Signa 1.5 Tesla system to perform routine exams. Interview patients to collect medical information, explaining exam procedures to promote safety. Transmit cases to the doctors after conducting exams. Registered MRI Technologist July 2012 to Current Company Name City, State Deliver optimal care to active duty, retired, and dependent military patients as a federal employee for the Company Name.