An impressive CV is the only way you are going to be called in for an interview. Hiring managers may read dozens of CVs from qualified applicants with the proper experience. You need to go a step further and catch a recruiter’s attention with specific accomplishments and great formatting. Look at this bid manager CV example to understand what needs to be written to get into this line of work. After the example, check out the additional tips.


John Dillon

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled bid manager with years of experience working with various departments to determine what bids can be put on projects. Expertise in customer communication to always inform the client of the nuances of a contract. Adept at prioritizing jobs to determine which ones will be most profitable in the short and long term. Experience with both public and private sector projects, and once won a contract bid for Hillsborough County.

  • Negotiation skills and ability to develop talking points to get clients to see my point of view
  • Critical thinking skills to identify potential solutions to an issue, impressing employers in the past by fixing issues that were considered too complicated to solve
  • Intricate understanding of accounting and financial analysis software
  • Ability to read blueprints and convey information to individuals who may not understand otherwise
  • Exceptional management of financial resources and capability of budgeting appropriately for the future
Work Experience
Bid Manager
September 2013 – Present


  • Review bid proposals and alter them until both the company and client are satisfied.
  • Negotiate with clients to get bids down to reasonable offers.
  • Determine what the maximum budget can be by analyzing bids with the accounting department.
  • Study blueprints to determine what the minimum budget has to be based on the costs of supplies, equipment, and labor.
  • Maintain beneficial relations with suppliers to get best deals on items.

Bid Manager
March 2011 – September 2013


  • Visited potential construction sites to determine if they were viable locations for setting up electrical and water systems.
  • Identified potential business opportunities and got the company a contract with the county, which resulted in a net profit of $50,000 over the course of two years.
  • Consulted clients to resolve issues or conflicts.

Cost Estimator
June 2007 – March 2011



  • Reviewed historical data to determine what needed to be budgeted years into the future and what the company could expect to earn with certain bids.
  • Conferred with engineers and worked tirelessly to get certain expenses down.
  • Compared two separate bids to determine which one would ultimately be more profitable for the organization, and discovered a way to take on both projects while ensuring utmost satisfaction of clients.


Bachelor in Sales and Marketing


Florida State University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

I donate to charities when I can, and I put my skills to good work helping construct new homes for disadvantaged families. I worked with a local charity last year to build 10 low-income houses so that families who cannot get housing anywhere else could have roofs over their heads. This year, we plan on building 15 of these houses.


Bid Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Bid Manager Do?

Bid managers oversee developing bids for projects. They develop contracts that outline what exactly will be done and what the client will be expected to pay, which will be signed by the clients. These managers develop fair prices for jobs by working with accountants and suppliers to determine how much the company will need to spend to complete the project. Bid managers also frequently have to maintain a database of all current bids to determine which ones should be pursued. Bid managers typically have to visit the construction site to gather additional details about a bid. For instance, a bid manager may analyze the site to determine if entirely new pipes have to be installed, which would raise the cost substantially. Follow the lead of the bid manager CV example to prove beyond a doubt you can handle all these responsibilities.

Tips for Creating a Great Bid Manager CV

In addition to listing your experiences and accomplishments, you should also follow these helpful CV writing tips:

  • If you have less than 10 years of work experience, then you should generally keep your CV to one page in length.
  • Your Professional Summary needs to include your most valuable skillsets and experiences. Generally, hiring managers decide whether they are going to read any further based on the quality of the summary.
  • All bullet points under Work Experience need to begin with an eye-catching verb. Never begin a point with “Accountable for” or “Responsible for.”
  •  You can include additional college coursework in the Education section if you studied something useful to your career that ultimately was not part of your major.
  •  You can also list relevant internships and campus organizations under Education.
  • Always save your CV as a PDF when emailing to hiring managers.

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