Director of Sales Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Many job seekers prioritize their resume, but neglect to create a strong cover letter. The cover letter is your best opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates. You should express your excitement for the job opening and communicate your skills and experiences in a concise way. This writing guide and free director of sales cover letter sample should help you understand the best practices.

Dear Mr. Horton

As an experienced professional in the field of sales, I am interested in the director of sales opening with your company. I am confident that I would make an excellent addition and am excited to apply my leadership skills to this position.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in the field of business, I worked as a sales representative for four years before entering a sales manager position, which I still hold. My daily responsibilities are very similar to your listed requirements, including overseeing all client interactions, managing sales staff, analyzing effectiveness statistics, and presenting reports to board members.

Your job posting suggests that this position requires extensive sales experience. As a long-time expert, I have developed thorough sales skills and knowledge, which help me lead a nine-person team of sales representatives.

I am very excited to be considered for the director of sales position. I greatly appreciate your time, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss it with you further. Thank you.

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What to Include in a Director of Sales Cover Letter

As this free director of sales cover letter sample demonstrates, the most important aspect in your cover letter is its relevance to the job posting. You should address specific skills or experience requirements that are listed. It should be clear that the document you send is not a generic letter that could be sent to any company, so try to match the style, tone, and wording of the job description. You should also be sure to keep your letter brief, and always address the reader by name. Finally, close with a polite salutation and thank the reader for his or her time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The skills that you include speak to how qualified you are. The above free director of sales cover letter sample includes several traits that are valuable in sales. The following is a list of several managerial and industry skills you might want to include in your letter.

● Organization: As the overseer of many accounts, you must be able to keep many responsibilities organized.
● Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills are necessary for both management and sales.
● Leadership: The director of sales must lead a team of sales representatives and be confident in their abilities to make decisions.
● Marketing: Knowledge of this field is not always required, but it’s a common prerequisite for higher positions, such as department head or manager.