Franchise Owner Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 25, 2022
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You might be a go-getter, but sometimes writing a resume can feel like a daunting task. With our franchise owner resume sample and template, though, you don’t have to fear!

The key to a successful resume is to catch the employer’s attention and compel them to keep reading. Use the professional summary and highlights section to showcase your best attributes and relevant skills, then move on to your work experience. Because you’re applying for the position of a franchise owner, it’s important to mention managerial experience, as well as interpersonal skills that will help you work with others.

For more great ways to create a stellar resume, check out the franchise owner resume sample below.

franchise owner resume example


Franchise Owner Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your franchise owner resume?

As you prepare a resume for a franchise owner position, consider what business partners or employers need to know to recognize your qualifications for owning a franchise. Start with a header that includes your full name and contact information. Then, write a professional summary or resume objective that either draws attention to your major qualifications or states your purpose in seeking to own a franchise. The rest of your resume should consist of lists of skills, work experience, and educational credentials.

2. How do you write the header of a franchise owner resume?

Provide all of the information employers need to contact you in the header of your resume. The candidate on our franchise owner resume sample gives her full name, mailing address, home and cell phone numbers, and a professional email address. These are the first details an employer will see. Make sure that your email is safe for work and that you use a reputable and reliable service for professional correspondence.

3. How many skills should you put on a franchise owner resume?

Strike a balance between making your skills section one prospective employers can quickly skim and providing enough detail for them to determine whether you are the right candidate for a franchise opportunity. The candidate on our franchise owner resume sample lists five skills. You can list up to 10 skills in this section.

The candidate on our sample goes into detail about each skill she lists, including her expertise in branding, marketing, and launching products as well as the business skills that enable her to own successful franchises. She mixes in several soft skills, such as her ability to prioritize, multitask, and communicate. You should aim to give employers a sense of your personality and professional priorities.

4. How long should a franchise owner resume be?

A franchise owner resume should fit on one page unless you have owned many franchises. Even if you have had a lengthy career, it is still a good idea to make your resume as short as possible. The candidate on our franchise owner resume sample has over 10 years of experience as a franchise owner for two different food service businesses, and her resume fits on a single page. If you are not skilled at formatting, create a professional document using our perfect resume builder.

5. Should you include references on a franchise owner resume?

There is no need to include references on a resume. As you prepare to apply for a position, you should touch base with your recommenders to notify them that you are seeking work as a franchise owner and obtain their preferred contact information. If a business owner or other prospective employer wants to know more about you, you should be ready to provide accurate contact details for several references.


Well done on learning about our best resume writing practices. Now take your knowledge to the next level with these Franchise Owner cover letter writing tips.

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Resume Text


Daniella McAdams 123 Fake Street

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000




Industrious Franchise Owner with a firm understanding of the food services industry in positions ranging from entry-level to upper management. Expertise in observing local market trends and implementing effective business strategies in sometimes challenging regional markets while expertly dealing with issues like employee turnaround and productivity. Unique perspective on franchise ownership through previous experiences.




  • Expertise in development and execution of marketing strategies
  • Proven competency in brand creation and product launches
  • Solid reputation for fiscal responsibility and budget management
  • Well
    • versed in payroll management procedures
  • Excellent ability to prioritize and effectively complete multiple tasks
  • Great communicator with strong interpersonal skills




Work Experience

December 2011 to Present Company Name — City, State Franchise Owner

  • Consistently achieving revenue goals and ranking among the top performing franchises.
  • Develop quarterly financial reports, budgets and forecasts to track revenue generation and expenditures.
  • Implement strategies to boost sales through traditional and online promotional efforts.
  • Interact on a regular basis with suppliers to ensure fresh daily deliveries of doughnut selections.
  • Provide quarterly updates and expeditiously respond to inquiries from corporate headquarters. September 2005 to December 2011 Company Name — City, State Franchise Owner
  • Designed and implemented engaging promotional campaigns, including coupon offers and special daily deals.
  • Created an innovative bonus system that helped cut employee turnover rates in half in less than a year.
  • Negotiated contracts with vendors, often securing better deals without sacrificing the quality of the products stocked.
  • Streamlined the hiring process by implementing a cost-effective online campaign to attract more experienced candidates likely to stay on and strive for available promotions.
  • Ensured that payroll information was accurate and up-to-date while dealing with any pay distribution issues. 


    2005 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Science, Business Management