Sales Specialist Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Ready to start your career as a sales specialist? The first thing you must sell is yourself, and the best way to do that is with a well-written cover letter for your resume that relies on your personality and qualifications. A cover letter can be used to catch the interest of the hiring manager and lead him or her to read your resume. Get started with this free sales specialist cover letter sample and the following suggestions that you can insert in your own letter.

Dear Ms. Reagan,

I am very interested in the sales specialist position with your company and would like to apply for the job. I have some experience in this field, and I know that I can do this job well.

I have been working in a national-chain department store and am ready to take the next step into sales. In my position, I interact with customers daily to answer questions, help them find specific items, and provide great customer service in general. I enjoy interacting with customers, and I take pride in keeping my section neat and tidy.

The job description asked for candidates with some experience in sales. Last year, I was the top salesperson at my store in terms of most sales and the enrollment of customers in credit-card accounts. I am experienced in using a cash register for ringing up purchases, handling refunds, and helping customers make payments on their store credit card.

I feel my experience in store sales has given me a good background to move into the position of sales specialist at your company. I would be glad to discuss my abilities further with you in an interview.

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What to Include in a Sales Specialist Cover Letter

Based on the free sales specialist cover letter sample, here are some suggestions you can incorporate. Keep the message professional and don’t use clichés or jokes of any type. Keep the letter to four paragraphs. Include material from the job description and describe your ability to meet the stated requirements. At the end, ask the reader to review your resume. Remember to also ask for an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Adjust your message to match the job opening by including useful information. Here are some great qualities for a sales person that you can include along with the ideas contained in the free sales specialist cover letter sample.

● Customer service: Specialists should listen to their customers’ needs at all times.
● Interpersonal: You must work with many different people. You need to build good relationships with clients and others on the sales team.
● Self-confidence: Specialists should show confidence and use persuasive skills during sales presentations. Also, calling a potential client who is not expecting it, or “cold calling,” takes a good dose of composure.
● Stamina: Sales specialists are on their feet a lot and may need to carry heavy products.