Inside Sales Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Inside Sales Cover Letter Example

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What It’s Like To Work In The Inside Sales Field

As an inside sales professional, you spend your day making outbound sales calls and fielding incoming calls from your existing client base. In most cases, an inside sales professional is a sales specialist who deals in a focused range of products. But it is possible for an inside sales professional to be a generalist who sells a broad range of products or services.
An inside sales professional utilizes a list of leads, normally paid for by the company, to expand their customer base and generate more revenue. Most inside sales professionals are assigned to a specific geographic territory to develop.

Benefits Of Working In The Inside Sales Field

An inside sales professional can make a very lucrative living with base pay, commissions and quarterly bonuses. Many product manufacturers also offer incentives to sell certain products, which inside sales experts can use to enhance their pay. An inside sales professional can develop a successful network of recurring clients that can help to create a very comfortable and dynamic career.

Why You Need A Cover Letter

An inside sales cover letter needs to contain a summary of your revenue accomplishments, the products you have sold and the different computer software platforms you have used throughout your career. Your inside sales cover letter should also indicate any awards or other recognition you have received throughout your career. If you want to develop the perfect inside sales cover letter, then utilize the professional resources at MyPerfectResume. We have inside sales cover letter templates and samples that you can use for free to create an inside sales cover letter that will make your resume stand out to any hiring manager.