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Not everyone can be a personal assistant–it takes just the right combination of creativity, time management, and people skills to excel in the field. That’s why, when you’re applying for a job as a personal assistant, it’s important to knock your resume out of the park. With so many applicants in the pool, your resume needs to show how your personality and past experiences are the perfect fit for the job.

Be careful: leaving gaps on your resume hurts your chances at getting a job. You want to show that you’ve stayed busy, so if other things have gotten in the way of your employment–raising a family, for example–be sure to account for that time off.

Looking for more tips? See the personal assistant resume sample below for more examples of resume success.

Personal Assistant Resume Sample

Personal Assistant Resume Questions

1. How do you format a personal assistant resume?

Your resume needs to be in perfect shape to draw the attention of a busy hiring manager. While the information needs to be stellar, the format is important as well. The chronological format is standard, and it works well for those who have work experience in the industry.

If you have limited experience or you are changing career directions, a functional format may be better because it places more emphasis on your relevant skills. Our resume builder can walk you step-by-step through the process of selecting an appropriate format, and the personal assistant resume sample can give you specific ideas of what you may want to include.

2. How do you write the header of a personal assistant resume?

The header is important because it gives the employer the necessary info for contacting you. Include your name, city and state, and primary phone number. Use an email that you check often and make sure it sounds professional. If you have a LinkedIn account, provide the URL to your profile so the employer can find out more information about you beforehand. Make sure your account is up-to-date and relevant.

3. How do you describe computer skills on your personal assistant resume?

Depending on the position, computer skills may be an important requirement. If the job description points out computer and other technical requirements, make a separate section to showcase your abilities. Also incorporate these skills in the work experience section by describing how you achieved a goal by using these attributes. Our personal assistant resume sample demonstrates how to use bullet points to focus the reader’s attention on this information.

4. How do you write the experience section of your personal assistant resume?

The experience section should be more than just a list of typical duties. Employers want to know how you can help and support them in their successes, so you need to demonstrate how you are able to do this. Use strong verbs to describe how you get things done, and provide numbers or figures whenever possible to give specific examples of how you add value. This section can be challenging, but it may be the most effective and convincing part of your resume when done right.

5. Should you include references on a personal assistant resume?

In general, no, you should not. There is an unspoken understanding that a hiring manager will ask for references if it gets to that point in the interview process. While adding ‘references upon request’ at the end used to be common, it is not recommended any longer. As the personal assistant resume sample shows, there is no mention of references on the document. However, keep in mind that many employers will want to contact your references at some point, so prepare them on a separate sheet to be ready to pass the information along expediently when asked.

If you’re feeling savvy about Personal Assistant resume writing, then check out our strong Personal Assistant cover letter sample to complete your application materials.

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Resume Text

Sandra Fitzpatrick

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Accomplished Personal Assistant receptive to client needs. Successful at managing the task lists of even the most demanding business executives. Fast learner and can quickly incorporates and implements new procedures to maximize efficiency and productivity.


Accurate and detailed
Culinary skills
Child management
Business writing
Screens calls properly

Administrative support specialist
Fluent in French
Excellent communication skills


November 2007 to Current
Mr. Ross Schneider New Cityland, CA
Personal Assistant

Attend business meetings and took meeting minutes.
Create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
Devise and maintain office systems to efficiently deal with paper flow.
Travel with client to continuously manage affairs.
Periodically care for couple’s children during weekend personal events.

May 2004 to November 2007
Ms. Monica Jacobson New Cityland, CA
Personal Assistant

Prepared, organized, and stocked residential properties prior to high net worth client’s arrival.
Typed documents, updated websites, and compiled information for meetings.
Cared for the family’s dogs, including feeding and walking them several times per day.
Ran errands, including completing grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning.
Completed work projects around client’s house.

February 2001 to March 2004
Multiple Clients New Cityland, CA
Personal Assistant

Handled incoming and outgoing correspondence, including mail, email, and faxes.
Checked mail, shopped for groceries, and handled bill payments.
Screened telephone calls and inquiries and directed them as appropriate.
Coordinated overnight travel arrangements and accommodations.
Organized personal and professional calendars and supplied reminders of meetings and events.


2003 University of California New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Arts English

Dual Major with Marketing
Student government representative