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What It’s Like To Work In The Personal Assistant Field

Being a personal assistant sounds glamorous, but it is actually a great deal of hard work. Each day, a personal assistant is responsible for keeping a schedule, making sure all errands are run, fielding incoming correspondence and then dealing with any issues that may come up during the day.
There are many different levels of jobs in the personal assistant field. The common perception is the personal assistant to a powerful celebrity or business mogul. But some personal assistants also work for several people at the same time and have to juggle a lot more different schedules and sets of responsibility. It is a job where you have to be organized, confident and punctual.

Benefits Of Working In The Personal Assistant Field

Personal assistants are paid well and get to network with an interesting group of people. Being a personal assistant can be a way for a new entrepreneur to break into their industry, or for someone who is looking to change careers to make good contacts. There is also the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that the person, or persons, you work for rely on you completely to take care of each aspect of their professional and personal lives.

Why You Need A Cover Letter

Your resume probably will not get read without a good personal assistant cover letter. Any future employer is going to want to see the kind of summary of your career that a good personal assistant cover letter offers. At MyPerfectResume, we have a variety of personal assistant cover letter templates you can choose from to create your own personal assistant cover letter. We will show you what information to include and how to format that information to get the job you want.