Sales Associate Resume Sample


Sales Associate Resume Sample

At My Perfect Resume, we make it easy to create a sales associate resume. Our resume samples provide a clear and concise guide to putting together a stellar resume. This guide will ensure you include all the important details. You'll also find it teaches you how best to present each section of your resume.

Resume Sample

As a sales associate, you need to show proof that you possess important sales abilities and have a strong understanding of customer service practices. Make it a snap to showcase your skills by our resume builder.


Perhaps the most important ability you need as a sales associate is the ability to close the deal. Make sure you include quantitative information about your achievements in this area to show you have strong selling capabilities.

Action Verbs For You Sales Associate Resume

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Action Verbs For You Sales Associate Resume

Action words create impact as they paint a picture of your skills in context. Choose a variety of action verbs, as we did in our sales associate resume sample, to impress employers.

  • Addressed
  • Coached
  • Developed
  • Upsold
  • Sold
  • Formulated
  • Guided
  • Located
  • Marketed
  • Qualified
  • Recommended
  • Revitalized
  • Solved
  • Strengthened
  • Volunteered

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Skills For Your Sales Associate Resume Sample

Your resume gives you a brief window of opportunity to sell your value as an employee. To that end, you must carefully choose the skills you use to present yourself and your work. Check out the following list and refer to our sales associate resume sample to see these proficiencies in action.

  • Marketing best practices knowledge
  • Human resources training
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasive communication
  • Ability to multitask
  • Attention to details and accuracy
  • Database user interface software proficiency
  • Point-of-sale (POS) software knowledge
  • Cold contact experience
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Professional demeanor
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative

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Certifications To Include in Your Sales Associate Resume

Prove your industry-specific abilities with the Certified Professional Salesperson credential. The Certified Sales Associate designation covers sales professional competency skills.

Certifications are valuable tools, displaying to employers your level of training and competency. They show that you have in-depth knowledge. Increase your value as an employee with this measure of your professional abilities.

Don’t confuse completion of a certificate program with a certification. The first shows that you’ve completed coursework. The second shows that you have experience, education, and the knowledge necessary to pass an exam.

If you don’t have certifications, reach out to professional associations or organizations. Plan to complete ongoing education requirements. Study to earn a specific score on the relevant exam.

List your professional designations in a separate “Certifications” section. This allows potential employers to find them quickly and easily. Refer to our sales associate resume sample for help writing and formatting your own document.

Sales Associate Resume Questions

How should you structure your sales associate resume?

Structure your resume so that it clearly shows how you’re the best person for the job. For most people, that means using the classic reverse-chronological format. Start with a professional summary, where you list your major skills and accomplishments in paragraph format. Think of it as a preview of your resume, where your future employer can get an overview of all the reasons you should get the job.

Put the rest of your resume content under these headings: skills, work history, and education. For each section, start with your most recent entry. The hiring manager wants to see what selling you’ve done lately, not so much what you did when you first started out. The same goes for your education: list your highest level of education (which may also be your most recent) first. For more about adding your education to your resume the way the sales associate resume sample does, see question five below.

What can you do to make your sales associate resume stand out?

One study showed that hiring managers only spend around six seconds reviewing a resume. When your six seconds are up, the recruiter has already decided whether you are a good fit for the company.

The best way to use that short time to grab the reader’s attention is by using a simple design and focus on your biggest past sales accomplishments. Create a one-page resume that balances white space and text. Use bold headers to make key information easy to find. Never use a font smaller than 10 point. Following these guidelines makes your document more reader-friendly, just like our sales associate resume sample.

How do you write an objective statement for a sales associate resume?

An objective statement used to be the standard opening for a resume. However, recruiters now prefer a professional summary. Your summary should be in paragraph format. Briefly describe your relevant skills, accomplishments, and strengths. Consider writing your best sales achievement here. You shouldn’t need more than two or three sentences.

The point of the summary statement is to catch the reader’s attention and provide an overview of who you are and how you would benefit the company. For example, if you’re an experienced big-ticket salesperson who makes a point of getting to know your clients, lead with that. If you specialize in one of the products the company sells, mention that. This summary is the first thing recruiters read, so place it right below your name and contact information.

How many bullet points do you include with each job in a sales associate resume?

Bullet points are great because they draw attention to the items in your list. Without them, your high points may get lost in a block of text. However, if your entire resume is nothing but bulleted lists, they lose their value.

It is a good idea to use bullets in your skills and experience sections, but limit yourself to five or six bullets per section. In the skills section, where your entries should be brief, you can create two columns. This also helps you save space if you’re having trouble keeping your resume to a single page.

When listing your previous experience, make the best use of those few bullet points by cutting out anything that’s not essential. Use your limited space to mention the high points of each position, focusing on your accomplishments instead of your day-to-day duties. Be sure to use numbers whenever possible in this section.

For example, instead of simply saying that you led a sales team, say that you led of sales team of 12 people (or whatever your experience was). Instead of saying that you were the top sales performer, say that you were number one out of however many people were on your team or department.

How do you list schools in a sales associate resume?

Although the sales job you’re applying for may not require a college degree, you should list all of your post-high school education anyway. Include any involvement in clubs that might demonstrate your sales or people skills. Many employers prefer applicants who have degrees, and if your studies focused on business administration or anything else related to sales, you may have an advantage.

List your highest degree first, followed by earlier studies. You should also include professional training and conferences you’ve attended. Use your own judgment when deciding whether to list sales-specific or product-specific trainings you completed in your previous employment. If it’s relevant, list it. The exception is when your highest or most recent level of education doesn’t pertain to the sales job you’re applying for.

If your most prestigious degree is totally unrelated to the job you want but you have other education that’s more relevant, list the most relevant first.

What are some good skills to put on a resume for retail?

The must-have skills for sales associates include the following. Use those that are most pertinent to you and to the position:

  • People skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Knowing the difference between bare-bones and white glove customer service
  • Anticipating and fulfilling needs
  • Punctual and reliable time-management skills
  • Basic computation knowledge
  • Effective communication in various ways and mediums: one-on-one, in writing, via email, and over the phone
  • Strong ability to network
  • Team mindset
  • Detailed background knowledge of product offerings and industry
  • Being a quick learner
  • Thinking quickly on your feet
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Growth mindset

Sales Associate Job Search: Next Steps

After creating a fantastic resume with our sales associate resume sample, wowing interviewers, and walking away with a job offer, what comes next? Use the tips below for negotiating your salary.


7 Quick Tips for Negotiating Your New Salary

You nailed the interview and got the job, but the salary the company is offering does not quite measure up to what you expected. You know your value as a sales associate, so now it’s time to negotiate for the salary you deserve.

  • Prepare Your Mindset Asking for a raise before you start a job can be intimidating, especially if it is the first time you have done so. Don’t let your anxiety talk you out of negotiating. Most hiring managers expect new employees to counter their initial offer, so your request should not be surprising to them. Since companies tend to calculate future raises as a percentage of current salary, you want to be sure you are starting off your employment with the best possible offer your new employer can make.
  • Conduct Research While employers may expect you to start salary negotiations, they require a reason to agree to what you request, and research can help you build a case. Review your own resume and the sales associate resume sample we offer to pick out the areas where you excel. Search for similar job postings and average the salaries you see posted with them. Walk into the conversation with not only a market value of the position but also where you fit in it.
  • Determine a Range Negotiation is about compromise, and having a range in mind instead of just one number shows your flexibility. The range should start with the minimum offer you are willing to accept and end with your ideal salary. This information will frame the conversation once you are in the meeting.
  • Exude Respect There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Your demeanor when you enter the meeting should carefully not cross that line. It doesn’t help you to put your employer on the defensive when asking favors, and that’s what an aggressive approach will do. Be sure to thank the hiring managers for meeting with you, and then present your case with professionalism and poise. Express enthusiasm for the job, and keep negative emotions out of the conversation. The tone of the meeting should be positive and upbeat.
  • Aim High Do not put all your cards on the negotiation table at once. Reveal a number closer to your ideal salary when the conversation begins. When employers know they can keep you at a lower rate, they tend to choose that alternative. Don’t undersell yourself before you get an opportunity to prove your worth.
  • Consider Other Benefits Your employer may reject your salary increase request, so you should prepare yourself for this possibility. Consider other benefits that accompany the job. You may have spectacular insurance coverage, or the position may come with an expense account or travel budget. Weigh all the factors of your compensation deal.
  • Make Tough Decisions Even after you consider everything the organization offers, it may not be enough. Walk away from the job if your employer cannot pay you what you need to earn.

Time To Build Your Sales Associate Resume

One of the cornerstones of an effective job search is an outstanding resume that pinpoints your most impressive skills and experience. Our sales associate resume sample demonstrates how to exhibit marketable strengths in an easy-to-read format.

You may want more assistance than the resume sample offers. Perhaps you would like help arranging your content to make it more streamlined, or maybe you know how you want to order your sections but just need professional layout ideas. You may need fresh examples of action verbs to make your experience section more dynamic. MyPerfectResume’s resume builder can assist with both the writing and editing processes.

The resume builder breaks the creation of your document into simple, organized steps. It’s one of the fastest ways to generate an eye-catching resume that hiring managers will admire. No matter where you are in your career, the resume builder can help you get to the next stage.