Franchise Owner Cover Letter Example + Tips

Violet McCoy

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337

Dear Ms. Button,

As a highly skilled Restaurant Manager and Franchise Owner, I read your posting for a new Franchise Owner with interest. My experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking at Marachino Pizzeria, in particular my role as Franchise Owner at Grillerz Subz, and I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization.
With more than six years’ experience as Franchise Owner, I am adept in financial oversight, operational management, and marketing. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate customer service and time management abilities, I excel at at achieving exceptional results, including:
Ranking three times as the top franchise owner in the region for total quarterly sales.
Coordinating special customer appreciation events and charity days.
Building locations from the ground up, including marketing and recruitment.
Controlling costs by effectively managing inventory, hours, and waste.

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid track record of success and a passion for restaurant management. I am extremely enthusiastic about Marchinio Pizzeria’s focus on community involvement and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your revenue and community goals.
Please review my attached resume for additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements. I will follow up to request an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meets your needs.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Violet McCoy

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What It’s Like to Work in the Franchise Owner Field

Being a franchise owner is a rewarding career choice, but not without a lot of hard work. As a franchise owner, you must oversee the financial and day to day operations of your franchise, making management decisions and working alongside employees to create a successful business. Tough decisions can be stressful, but the ultimate satisfaction of being a franchise owner is worth it.

Benefits of Working in the Franchise Owner Field

If you like to call the shots and be your own boss, being a franchise owner is a solid career choice. You must adhere to the guidelines created by your parent company, but you have the major benefit of a popular brand name and all the research and marketing that comes with it. You get to experience the success of a business because the groundwork has already been laid is your hard work will help you grow your business.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

To become a franchise owner, there is typically an in-depth application process. Corporations can sift through hundreds of applications from other potential business owners like you, all wanting to launch this exciting new career path. A franchise owner cover letter details how you will excel in your business and tells the corporation about your commitment, research and ability to successfully carry their name. A professional franchise owner cover letter has the power to woo its reader and give you the leg up on owning your own franchise.
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